What Skill-sets are required to earn money online?

What Skill-sets are required to earn money online

What a silly question but that’s the question which is asked most of the time by many people all over the world because of their hidden talent, skills, and unknown passions.

I am not making fun of anyone because this is really a serious question for this time.

Truly, there are no certain rules to earn money online from the internet.

Any type of skill can help you to put extra income in your pocket.

But, they may take different – different time for the end result.

So, you need to be patient.

If you really want to earn money online for long term then you must know your own skills and passions.

But, If you follow other skills to grow and make money, you will be thrown out as soon as possible.

And, you will get only hopeless situations.

Every person is unique and also every person has unique skills with passion.

Do not underestimate yourself.

Just find your skills and passion.

It can be anything like writing, video making, sharing or anything.

Be yourself.

Give some time to yourself to think about it.

Be positive.

Be calm.

Be patience.

And, Do what you really want to do.

Whenever you will get to know your passion, You win the half battle.

I am not going here to discuss your skills.

But instead of it, I am going to discuss some skill sets that are most common and popular among the world.

Writing Skill

I have seen many people love to write.

Even I used to write in my diary.

But, It was just daily stuff, thoughts, and just painful love memories.

Well, If you are passionate about something that you can write then you can get work on the internet and earn money online.

But the thing you have to do is, Just search and find the right place to submit your writing.

For motivation.

Keep in mind, there are many websites and services that pay their writers $5 to $35 per single article and even more.

But it depends on article quality, length, and uniqueness.

Blogging Skill

You may already hear about blogging.

And, If you are our old reader then you already know, I am also doing blogging to earn money online from the internet.

I think, When we talk about making money online then blogging is the first thing that comes to our mind.

And that’s true, You can earn unlimited money from your blog.

And also, can become a millionaire like other pro-bloggers.

Generally, People start a blog because they heard somewhere and read somewhere,

That bloggers are earning thousands of dollars per months and that is obviously true but not all bloggers.

More than thousands of people start their blogging journey per day.

And also, more than thousands of people quit their blogging journey because of blogging failure.

  • They fail because they don’t have enough knowledge.
  • They fail because they don’t have passion for it.
  • They fail because they think they can become a millionaire overnight via blogging.
  • They fail because they concentrate on money instead of blogging and their work.

Off course, Blogging can help you to earn unlimited money from your blog.

But It takes time, smart work and the most important thing is patience.

If you don’t have patience then blogging is not for you.

Video Making Skill

Most of the blogger also use this skill to earn more extra income online.

And also, this is the trending one that people use to earn money online.

This skill is also known as Vlogging.

Vlogging becomes so famous in the mid of 2018 and the trend is going on.

Many Vloggers are already making more than $10,000 per week.

Like blogging, This skill will not only help you to generate more revenue.

But also, you will become famous all over the world.

For Vlogging, YouTube is the best place.

To make money on YouTube, Just create the unique, informative or educational video then upload on YouTube and monetize it with AdSense ads.

If your video is about any product then just place an affiliate link of that product to the video description box.

Social Media Skills

Every blogger and vlogger have this skill.

If you don’t know about it then you are missing the next opportunity to earn money online from the internet.

There are many affiliate programs that allow you to earn money online with and without a blog.

What you have to do is,

  • Just join that affiliate programs,
  • create affiliate link,
  • share on social media and
  • earn money.

You get 10% – 75% of selling earnings but depends on the products and affiliate programs you have joined.


Above are the most common skill sets that people use to earn money online and also you can use too to generate extra income to your pocket.

  • What skills are you using to earn money online?
  • Can you share it with our reader?
  • Are you blogger, vlogger or social media marketer?

Do comment on the comment section.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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