TubeBuddy: SEO Toolkit to Optimize Youtube Channel & Videos

TubeBuddy SEO Toolkit to Optimize Youtube Channel and Videos

Vlogging aka Video Blogging is the second choice of bloggers to earn money online using AdSense or Affiliate programs.

But, as It becomes more popular nowadays,

It is the first choice for those who want to be famous or more popular using their videos and of course earn money.

Generally, Vlogger uses YouTube platform to upload & share their videos among the world.

Because YouTube has gained lots of attention to worldwide people due to their Videos.

And also, It allows users to integrate AdSense Ads.

So that they can put extra income into their pocket.

There are millions of people doing this, uploading videos on YouTube.

And also, there are thousands of videos which have the same information.

So, How your video will rank high on YouTube?

And remember one thing,

If your video will not rank on YouTube,

Then, It will not get views similarly.

If It will not get views,

Then you will not become famous or popular.

And of course, you will not earn money.

To rank your videos in YouTube search page,

You need to optimize your YouTube videos with Title, Description, Tags and so on.

Like Bloggers do in their blog to rank high their blog & articles in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

But If you are a hot, beautiful and sexy girl who is Vlogging,

Then, I don’t think you need these optimizations.

Because you already had secrets weapons to attract the people & take attention.

To make you better understand let me take an example of “Pardesi Girl“.

Well, Pardesi Girl is a YouTube channel name which is created by a Punjabi girl who is really so hot, beautiful and sexy.

You can see her picture below.

Falguni Thakkar, also known popularly by her YouTube channel name Pardesi Girl was born on March 31, 1997.

And as her name suggests, She is Pardesi ( Foreigner ).

She is an Australian YouTuber who is of Indian descent.

If you Check Falguni Thakkar videos,

You will get to know there is not proper optimization with her videos.

But still, she ranks high on YouTube search page.

And, the answer you know already why?

Remember one thing again,

She made only Reaction videos.

And nowadays some funny acting videos like BB Ki Vine and Ashish Chanchalini etc.

But, not educational or informative videos like Technical Guruji etc.

And, If you are one of them who create informative videos,

Then you must go with serious optimization process with your videos to rank high in the search page.

And of course, Informative videos gives you higher amount of earning instead of any funny, acting or non-educational videos.

Now, I’m going to talk about a powerhouse tool that will help you manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel & videos named TubeBuddy.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit.

Or, Simply you can say SEO Tool for YouTube optimization which has many countless powerful features.

And, one of the best parts is that all of these features are available inside your normal YouTube interface.

Keep in Note, TubeBuddy is a browser extension toolkit,

So, there’s no need to switch back and forth to an external tool.

Generally, It is free to use with many plenties of helpful features.

But It also has feature-packed premium plans for advanced users to optimize their YouTube channel and videos seriously.

But, the free plan works well for normal users too.

Now let’s take a look at all the ways this YouTube tool can grow your channel and make you more money from YouTube.

But before, let me explain TubeBuddy features.

TubeBuddy Features – Incredible Number of Tools

As said earlier, It has many countless powerful features.

So, I won’t be able to describe all the Tubebuddy features.

But for better understanding,

I will describe the most popular features here.

So, you can get started with your YouTube Channel and video optimization to earn extra income from your videos.

Keep in Note, The described TubeBuddy features below are for free users or members as well premium members.

So, don’t be confused with them.

  • Works inside YouTube because they add a menu inside of your YouTube account for easy access so you don’t need to leave your YouTube page.
  • It has Tag Explorer to find the best and most popular tags for your videos that means you don’t need to work hard for Keyword research which we do in blogging.
  • It allows users to publish their videos as native Facebook videos automatically which is also a good option If you have a Facebook page with a good number of followers.
  • It allows for A/B Testing ( A/B test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails ). A/B testing ( sometimes called split testing ) is comparing two versions to see which one performs better and give a better conversion rate, wins!
  • It helps to automatically find the best time to publish videos for your specific audience which is also a very good option If you have a targeted audience.
  • It has an option to automatically create a GIF for a specific portion of your video that gives a small idea to users that what is inside in that video.
  • It also alerts for users Brand means you will get notified whenever someone mentions your channel.
  • You can keep an eye on your competition using competitor scorecard.
  • It also helps to promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videos and this technique is used by most of the professionals.
  • TubeBuddy seriously has too many features to list. Check out the full list of features here.

Well as I said earlier, this is not the full list of Tubebuddy features.

But, the above-mentioned features can give you a general idea that how powerful tool is this.

So, What are you thinking about?

Just go with this Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit named Tubebuddy to optimize your YouTube Channel & videos,

To be famous or become more popular and of course, to earn extra income at home?

Steps to Use TubeBuddy SEO Tool to Optimize YouTube Channel and Videos:

Now let me explain to you how to install TubeBuddy in your browser you are using.

As you know, There are many browsers available on the internet.

But the most popular browser is Google Chrome, Firefox and then Internet Explorer.

And, to make you better understand let me take the example of Google Chrome.

Here I am assuming that you are using Google Chrome browser.

They also have a Firefox extension.

But, the process should be fairly similar for both browsers.

Now first, you need to go to the TubeBuddy website.

And, to do that just click on this link,

Then, click on the “INSTALL FREE ON CHROME” button.

When done, You will be automatically redirected to the Google Chrome extension site.

On this Google Chrome extension page,

Just click on “ADD TO CHROME“.

After that, a prompted popup box will appear in front of you,

Then just simply click on “ADD EXTENSION“.

And Just doing this,

It will automatically download, install and activate the TubeBuddy extension in your browser.

Now you should see a new TubeBuddy icon on the top right of your screen.

As you have successfully installed the TubeBuddy extension in your browser,

Now you need to go to YouTube.

And, If your YouTube channel isn’t linked properly, you might see this warning.

Now you need to fix this warring to work TubeBuddy properly in your browser.

And to do that, Just click on “re-link your channel” and, follow the simple & basic steps on the screen.

Don’t worry, TubeBuddy will guide you through the process of linking your account.

Once your channel is properly linked,

You can see a new TubeBuddy drop-down panel when you go to YouTube.

This new TubeBuddy drop-down panel ads lots of new countless powerful features to YouTube.

Now let me explain some of the most popular features by going through it.

Tag Explorer – Make your YouTube videos Rank higher

Bloggers already know the importance of keyword research which is used for traditional SEO,

And, can be done by some keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, LongTailPro and so on.

Well, Tag Explorer brings that same power to YouTube.

It helps to find the absolute best tags to add to your videos which are a huge advantage and will directly lead to more views.

Keep in mind, YouTube tags are really an important part of ranking your YouTube videos,

And, If you are not using these relevant tags then you are missing the important part of SEO that will lead you only in low ranking in search page.

To access Tag Explorer,

Just click on TubeBuddy icon in the top right of your screen and then select “Tag Explorer“.

Now you will get a prompted screen where you can enter one of your main keywords.

And after that, TubeBuddy will do all the work to give you the best-related tags which suites to your video.

Publish to Facebook – Take Advantage of Native Facebook Videos

YouTube allows you to automatically share your published videos to Facebook.

And also, TubeBuddy makes it simple to publish your video to Facebook.

But the difference is,

TubeBuddy shares your video as a native Facebook video,

Not a YouTube video.

Which gives you all the benefits of native Facebook videos,

Most notably auto-playing.

To publish your videos from YouTube to Facebook,

Just click on “Bulk” button,

Then select “Bulk Publish To Facebook” after going to your Videos section.

A/B Testing – Find the Best Title, etc

A/B testing ( sometimes called split testing ) is comparing two versions to see which one performs better and give a better conversion rate, wins!

Which is another powerful optimization tool included in TubeBuddy.

You can use the same A/B testing principles you implement on your website to also maximize your YouTube views.

A/B testing can be done on video titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails to find the most effective options for your videos.

That simply means more views and ad revenue for your channel.

Best Time to Publish – Maximize Your Views

There are millions of people who use YouTube to watch videos,

And, It may possible that you have subscribers or viewers those belong to different countries,

And off course, they use YouTube at different times.

According to me,

The best strategy to get good amount of views & conversion after publishing your videos is to publish your video at that time when most of your subscribers or viewers are online.

And don’t worry, You don’t need to do hard work for that and also you don’t need to wake up at late night for hopping your viewers comes online.

Because TubeBuddy also helps to find the best time,

  • When most of your viewers come online and
  • What you have to do is when you publish a new video.

Just schedule it for the time when most of your viewers are online using TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy will tell you the exact days and hours when you should publish your videos.

Keep in mind, When you publish your videos at the right time,

It helps you to maximize the number of views & conversion you get on a new video.

Brand Alerts – Find Out When You Get Mentioned on YouTube

You can easily set up alerts about you or your competitors so you can stay on top of all the mentions going on.

By setting up alerts, you can take advantage of the times when people mention your channel, or you can get ahead of your competition.

Tracking YouTube mentions is just as important as tracking any other social media mention.

TubeBuddy Pricing – Free and Affordable Paid Plans

As mentioned at the starting of the article that TubeBuddy is free to use with many plenties of helpful features.

But It also has feature-packed premium plans for advanced users to optimize their YouTube channel and videos seriously.

But the free plan works well for normal users too.

Currently, TubeBuddy offers four different affordable paid plans.

And, If you really want to grow your YouTube channel then I would recommend using paid plans instead of free one.

And, the funniest thing about TubeBuddy paid plans is that the cost of their one-month plans is equal to your one-day pocket money which invests for fun and useless things.

Sorry to mention that free plan is missing out on some key features like Facebook publishing and bulk processing.

And also, Its version of the Tag Explorer is also limited, which makes it less effective for YouTube SEO.

But Still, it’s a good option if you’re just starting your YouTube channel.

If you already have a popular channel, you’ll definitely get more value from one of the premium plans.

These plans will give you a better Tag Explorer, bulk processing tools to quickly manage all of your videos, and lots more depending on the specific plan that you choose.

My Final Thoughts

TubeBuddy is the most popular and powerful YouTube SEO tool,

That helps to manage and grow your YouTube Channel account in an easy way with its countless features,

Which are also easy to use and don’t require any technical knowledge.

Also, it doesn’t matter, Your channel is popular or not.

Because TubeBuddy will always help you to grow and nothing else.

At the starting, you can go with TubeBuddy free plan.

But later, I would definitely recommend going with it’s affordable paid plans which costs few pence and equal to the one-day pocket money that you invest in fun or useless thing as I said earlier.

Now the choice is yours that what do you want – Useless things or Be famous and become popular in the world.

What do you think of TubeBuddy?

Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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