Things to Remember While Running a Multi-Niche Blog

Things to Remember While Running a Multi-Niche Blog

Multi-Niche blog!

Yeah, a trend these days among many bloggers especially from India.

Many new blogs with a Multi-Niche tag were started over the past few months.

But, if you take a deep look into it,

You will find only a few blogs which have come up well in all aspects.

And yes! some extraordinarily well blogs also being added to Google news index.

Even I own one multi-niche blog,


Which is currently running by myself.

And yes, to be honest, running such a blog is probably the most difficult task to do.

So here in this post,

I will be listing out the key points to remember before starting/running one such blog.

But before starting,

I would like you to take a minute and think about all the questions that might come in your mind regarding multi-niche blogs (meanwhile let me enjoy some increase in page session duration).

Okay here are some common questions that I feel are very common,

  • Which Platform is the best for a multi-niche blog?
  • How many articles daily should be posted?
  • How to do link building?
  • What not to post on a multi-niche blog?
  • How to earn from it?

Well, these are some questions that came to my mind.

And, I will be answering them all throughout this post.

And as usual,

If you are lazy to read the complete article,

Just follow the bold colored text and you will understand everything.

A lot has to be taken care of while running a multi-niche blog,

As you will always be under the eyes of Google.

So make sure to keep these 8 points in mind while working on your blog.

Post Articles Daily- 1 Ain’t Enough

This is where it all begins and also where it can end.

A multi-niche blog means that,

You have to keep an eye on every category.

And, make sure to keep it updated.

And this is possible only,

When you start posting daily and by daily I don’t mean 1-2 articles.

You need to post at least 4+ articles daily.

Post on all Niches – You own a “MULTI NICHE blog”

It can be seen on many multi-niche blogs that after a month or so,

The categories start vanishing.

People stop posting on all niche regularly.

And, they tend to post on just 1-2 niches.

The reason why they start doing this is,

Because of the “TRAFFIC”, they get from some categories.

This is a good thing.

But if you plan to get your site a good authority overall and also for getting included well in google news,

Then you must take care of your categories.

Don’t Work Alone – Hire writers or Make a team

Working alone on such a blog can be hectic and you can miss out on many things.

Moreover posting daily and that too more than 3 articles (at least),

Can cause a lack of quality in content which in turn can affect a lot.

So, its recommended to make a team and work accordingly,

This will make things easier and effective.

You can also go for hiring content writers.

But make sure you don’t compromise with the quality of your articles.

SEO should be Everywhere – Niche Doesn’t Matter

One more point that can lead to a complete failure of your multi-niche blog is SEO optimization.

It has been observed on many such blogs that,

SEO is not being followed.

Such blogs without SEO optimized content and site cannot live for long, an update can kill them completely.

And, if you feel updates don’t come much often,

Check out Mozcast yourself.

So, make sure to post well-optimized content with proper use of Heading tags, image attributes, permalink, keyword usage.

And, all those points that come under On-Page SEO.

In fact, better SEO can help you get good rankings and more importantly,

You can stick onto your rankings which many blogs fail to.

Platform – WordPress Recommended

If you ask me this question I will straight away point to WordPress.

This doesn’t mean that the blogger is bad or blogger cannot be used.

But the reason behind it is the control you get.

Multi niche blogs have many categories and different types of posts (including movie reviews),

And, all this can be done effectively with WordPress.

Multiple authors can be managed well according to roles as well in WP.

Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of customizable themes,

That, you cannot get on the blogger platform.

However, if you don’t wish to invest,

You can still go with blogger.

There won’t be any negatives in terms of ranking and SEO.

Avoid Link Building

Making backlinks for a multi-niche website is one more mistake that many guys do.

And later on, they start facing the negative consequences of it.

Avoid making links,

The reason I am saying this is,

Because you will be posting the good number of SEO optimized content and daily, this is something that Google loves.

And, if you follow something that Google loves,

Then you will be rewarded.

And in this case, Authority and high rankings will be your gift.

So, don’t go for link building,

All you can do is start sharing your posts on Social media and other content-sharing websites to improve your social signals.

Monetization – AdSense is the Best

Well when it comes to earning money from your site,

The first ad network that comes to our mind is Google AdSense.

And this should be your main focus.

Whenever you start getting good traffic on a daily basis apply for an account.

And, if your content is unique you will be surely accepted.

Start monetizing the blog with AdSense ads,

But, don’t over-optimize it.

The Ad-CTR may be really low.

But, you need not worry about it since its very common on these niches.

You can also try on affiliate marketing with your blog.

And believe me, dedicated posts promoting some deals or a product works really well.

I made over 1000$ with just single posts on one of my multi-niche blogs.

Moreover, once you get a good Alexa, DA and other metrics,

You will be getting contacted by many sponsors for paid reviews.

Go for them and it will also add up to your income.

Have Patience – This is the KEY

This might not sound that heavy.

But this point holds the future of your multi-niche blog.

You have to be well patient enough for an initial couple of months and maintain regularity.

This point cannot be explained in more detail,

As a blogger you must be knowing about the role of being patient in blogging.

More Points to Remember

Okay, so these were some key points to remember,

But wait!

I have some more tips for you.

  • Choose a fast loading theme with a responsive nature
  • Choose a reliable hosting on the first go, avoid migrations later
  • Go for magazine themes. Newspaper is one of the bests in the category
  • Make all required pages such as Contact us, about us, privacy policy, etc.
  • Don’t use too many plugins, keep it light and fast.
  • Run social media accounts to build brand reputation.

Some Limitations of running a Multi-Niche Blog

No doubt if you follow everything accordingly you will succeed with your multi-topic blog.

But you will or can still face some difficulties.

So, Before I add on some of my points,

I would like you to take a look and read at Kulwant Nagi’s post Why a New Blogger Shouldn’t Start with Multi-Niche-Blog?

And here are some disadvantages or I must use the word “Limits” of having a Multi niche blog.

  • Difficult to get Loyal Readers.
  • Hard to get a good number of Subscribers.
  • Adsense alone won’t help much.
  • You won’t get many Advertisers, as they like to approach a single niche blog.

Well, Even Harsh Agrawal has written a post and to know more about it you must really read his post, Single Topic vs Multi-Topic Blog.

So I guess these tips including the above mentioned key points are well enough to help you get started and start making money with a multi-niche blog.

Do you have something to share or ask? Well, that’s what the comment box is for, feel free to use it.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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