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Snapdeal Affiliate: Pro Tips to Make Rs 15,000 Per Month

Snapdeal Affiliate

I have already shared with you in detail how I made $3,000 in a month from the Amazon affiliate program and how I earned Rs 50,000 from Flipkart affiliate program.

Amazon and Flipkart are two of the most popular eCommerce programs in India, and if you have yet not worked with either of them, do so now.

Read up my post, Snapdeal affiliate program, shoot me your questions and get going.

That said, today in this post I will be taking you through step by step process of how you can easily make money from Snapdeal’s affiliate program.

Snapdeal is not the largest player in the E-commerce market-space, but it is a decent size one.

And it sure makes sense for you to take a share of its market pie by joining in its affiliate program.

I have made Rs 15,615 in a month from Snapdeal Affiliate Program.

Yes, the figure doesn’t look large when compared to Flipkart or Amazon, and that’s simply because Snapdeal is not an as large player as Amazon.

However, I would still strongly recommend you to join its affiliate program because it is bringing in new capital and seeking to expand itself.

What is Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is among the leading e-commerce online shopping websites in India, it was started as a daily deal site in 2010 but soon become a full online marketplace.

Ratan Tata, SoftBank Corp, Alibaba Group are some of its investors.

To build trust in customers’ mind Snapdeal brought Amir Khan for the promotion of Snapdeal in March 2015.

What is Snapdeal Affiliate Program?

Snapdeal affiliate program is a referral program where you can earn money by promoting Snapdeal’s products on your website/blog.

You need to place Snapdeal’s links on your website/blog and promote the same.

Once somebody clicks on your link, and visits the site; and also makes a purchase on that visit,

Then you earn commission as a % of the sales value.

The commission % varies for different categories of goods and you can check the same on Snapdeal’s website.

The best part is that if a viewer clicks on your Snapdeal product link, and then purchases a different product (one which you were not recommending) still you will earn commission on the sale.

For Snapdeal, it’s important that you generated a sale for them, it’s immaterial as to what item is sold.

So long as the sale is generated you will be rewarded for your efforts.

How can I become a Snapdeal Affiliate?

Becoming Snapdeal’s affiliate is a very simple process.

I have mentioned below step by step process for you to follow.

First, Visit

After that, Just click on the “Join Now” button as shown in the above image.

Once you click on Join now, you will get a form asking for email and password as shown in the below image.

Kindly fill your details in it and click on “Register“.

Once you click on Register, your Snapdeal affiliate hub account is created.

Now you need to open your email account and check the email which you have received from Snapdeal.

Below is the screenshot for the mail which I received.

As you can see in the above email, the Snapdeal affiliate team will reply to your application within 48 Hours.

But we need to make sure we have filled all the information required in the Snapdeal affiliate Hub,

So let’s get back to the affiliate hub.

Once you click on the Register button you will be taken to the new page where the Snapdeal affiliate will ask for some more information.

You will be asked to fill your personal details, your bank details for payment, it also asks to upload your PAN card and canceled cheque.

These details are required to receive payment from Snapdeal,

So, make sure you double-check them for accuracy after entering them.

Not to forget your affiliate website information, here you need to provide the website URL on which you plan to promote Snapdeal products, type of website and your monthly visitors’ estimate.

Once you fill all the details click on “save changes“.

You can see the below screenshot for the same.

Now you need to wait till the Snapdeal affiliate team approves your application.

Once your application is approved you can start promoting its products on your website or blog and make money from Snapdeal affiliate.

How to create Snapdeal Affiliate Link?

Once you login to your affiliate account,

On the “Home” tab, you will find the above two options using which you can generate an affiliate link.

You can search for any specific product and generate an affiliate link for it.

For example, I have a blog related to the health niche and I want to promote whey protein products in it.

Hence I can generate affiliate code by searching various whey protein products and choose the one which I like as shown below.

If I already selected the product from Snapdeal site which I want to promote, I can just paste that link in the shown box and click on generate to create my affiliate link.

You can see the below image for the same.

Apart from the above two methods,

You can also use search Bar on your website or blog as shown below.

Or you can use static banners in your site or blog as shown below.

How much will I Earn from Snapdeal Affiliate?

Your earning can differ based on which product you plan to promote.

Like I mentioned before that commission % varies from product category to category.

In some products like apparel, it offers higher commission %, whereas in some other categories it offers lesser.

You can check this link to get the latest commission rates for affiliates.

To know more about how you can create your own blog/website and promote it to earn an affiliate commission,

Check my ‘How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost in 5 Minutes’ article, it has loads of information and tips for beginners and experts alike.

Snapdeal Affiliate Rules

  • Advertising through Pop-up/ Pup under windows is strictly prohibited. Pop-ups are a lucrative way of gaining business, so most rookies are bound to try this technique, but Snapdeal prohibits its use. So stay away from all pop’s.
  • If you have a mailing list, sending out Snapdeal’s offers to them sounds very tempting, right; but DO NOT do so. Snapdeal clearly mentions that bulk mailers are no going and you are not allowed to send them to promote your affiliate link.
  • Paid Ads, yes you can use them to promote your website or blog. But do so with caution. You are NOT ALLOWED to bid on the trademark of Snapdeal or any variations and misspelling of it. This means you can run ads to promote your blog/website with any keywords you wish, except keywords like ‘Snapdeal’ or those related to it, like ‘Snapdeal offers’, ‘Snapdeal’ etc.
  • Being a Snapdeal affiliate you might be tempted to create a website or social media username or group name using Snapdeal in it. For example username: Snapdeal_affilaite or website name etc. STOP. You are not allowed to do so. You cannot use Snapdeal’s name on any website, blog, username, group name, etc. This is strictly PROHIBITED.
  • You are not allowed to promote your link on illegal audio/ video download site. For this purpose, it’s important to understand, that providing downloads of movies and songs on your website, without the permission of the producer/concerned parties is considered illegal. So if you run a torrent website or similar, bid adieu to your Snapdeal affiliate links.
  • Make sure to read up in details all the terms and conditions mentioned in the affiliate agreement of Snapdeal’s website here –

Not reading the fine print is a common mistake made by most online players, which results in them being unaware of the rules and assuming things that result in mistakes on their part and eventual banning of the affiliate account.

So read up, 15 min spent reading will save you days of agony later on.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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