Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog: Which is Better and Why?

Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog

People always confuse with their blog niche or topic while starting their blog.

And at the end, they start with the multi-niche blog.

Because they can write here anything they want to write without restrictions with many choices.

But that’s the wrong strategy If you aim to earn decent money from your blog.

Multi-niche blogs can be successful.

But It takes lot’s of efforts, hard work, smart work and right long term strategy with trusted employees.

Employees mean Authors, Editors, and Contributors.

I don’t recommend a newbie to start with a multi-niche blog because of many reasons that I will discuss here in this article.

There are two types of blog owners –

  • One who maintains a blog for the sole purpose of earning money,
  • Others who just want to share their random musing, ideas, and experiences.

If you are one of the whom primary goal is only to share their thoughts and experiences then you can go with a multi-niche blog.

But If you are one of them whose primary goal is to earn money from their blog then you should avoid these type of blog.

A multi-niche blog may help you to gain a good amount of traffic rapidly.

But the traffic may or may not be targeted.

And of course, if your blog doesn’t have targeted traffic then your blog income would be less in comparison to single niche blog.

Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog Readership

I am a blogger and need to keep updated myself with valuable information related to my blog topics,

So that I can provide quality information to my blog readers and that’s the reason I am also a blog reader.

I like to subscribe that blogs which are relevant to me.

I don’t want to get bombarded with lots of a wide variety of content If I have already set my preference to specific topics.

I need to keep the focus on those topics which I enjoy reading and learning about.

If I subscribe to a blog related to blogging,

And later I start finding articles about fashions or housekeeping etc which are not related to my main topic of the blog,

Then I will simply click on unsubscribe button to unsubscribe that blog.

And some other blog related to blogging will get a new subscriber.

Now, To better understand this topic, Just ask yourself a few questions and give the answer to yourself from the bottom of your heart.

  • Why you subscribe to any blog?
  • If you are interested to read about topic daily related to Blogging then which blog you will subscribe – a) The blog which is dedicated to blogging or b) The blog in which the author posts about fashions, dog, technology, finance, blogging or games, etc.
  • If you subscribed a blog which is dedicated to blogging and suddenly you start seeing articles related to housekeeping, dog care, finance, etc then will you remain subscribed to that blog, or will you unsubscribe?

Surely after answering these questions, you can see why multi-niche blogs will not hold a reader’s interest for very long.

Now you know why it’s hard to create a readership with the multi-niche blog,

So let’s talk about another stuff to continue this topic.

Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog SEO

To maintain good SEO, you need to focus on a single niche.

Because search engine optimization is particularly for a blog that is created and maintained as a source of income which is very important.

Let me explain to you with some examples to make you better understand.

And To do that, Just forget about yourself for this time,

And just imagine you are the owner of the search engine like Google and operate it.

Pretty impressive imaginations huh?

But that’s not enough here.

Now you have to rank a blog for a niche like “Blogging skills“,

And you have the following blogs to choose.

  • A blog which is dedicated to blogging
  • A blog which contains articles like fashion, technology, dog care, and blogging.

Off course, you would probably choose the first one.

Because it is specifically dedicated to blogging niche which may result in better user experience instead of the second one.

Generally, Search engines are ranking blogs based on brand and authority.

Single niche blogs have more chance to become an authority blog easily in compare to multi-niche blogs.

Also, Maintaining SEO in a multi-niche blog is a difficult task in itself.

It needs more and more practice.

SEO is not a formula which works the same for all type of blogs after applying.

Every blog needs a different – different SEO strategy to get a higher rank on search engines.

But in a single niche blog, You don’t need to do hard work as compare to multi-niche blog.

It’s so easy to apply SEO in a single niche blog.

Single Niche vs Multi-Niche Blog Earnings

You may hear somewhere, Traffic is money and that’s correct but not accurate.

Money is directly proportional to the quality of the targeted traffic of your blog.

Off course, A multi-niche blog may generate more traffic in comparison to a single niche blog.

But It may not be targeted traffic which is very important for the growth of any blog,

And also the business.

Let’s understand with some examples again.

Imagine you are a mobile company which has developed a new mobile and have a limited advertising budget.

Now you need to create an advertising plan,

and you have two blogs for ads placement.

So, now which will you choose.

  • A blog which has 20,000 page views per month and specifically dedicated to niche related to mobile.
  • A blog which has 50,000 page views per month and the traffic coming in for various topics including dog care, finance, fashion, mobile, computer, photography and many other things.

Which of these two blogs would be ideal for the advertisement of your product – a mobile?

Off course, the blog one which has less traffic in comparison to the second blog.

But has quality targeted traffic,

And that quality traffic can help you to get a better ROI (return on investment) for your advertising budget.

The second blog has more traffic in comparison to the first one.

But their traffic may not help you to get a better ROI (return on investment) for your advertising budget.

Because their traffic might not be relevant to your product.

Now that you understand what kind of blog you need in order to drive more traffic and thus create more income.


You can start with a multi-niche blog, If you just want to share your thoughts, experience, knowledge among the people and money is not your primary reason.

Also, If you have a good team and can do hard work on it with possible efforts in a consistent way.

I don’t recommend to newbie bloggers to start with a multi-niche blog as their primary goal of starting a blog would be earning decent money from their blog.

Single niche blog can help you to make decent money from your blog in a consistent way and in a quick way, If apply the right strategy.

  • Tell me something about your blog.
  • Is it a multi-niche blog or single niche blog?
  • Share your experience with your blog?
  • What issues you are facing with your blog?
  • Do you have any suggestions for my readers and why?

Do comment in the comment section below and also share this article with your friends on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other.

Have a good luck.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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