27 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes To Rank High

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress themes out there.

But choosing an SEO friendly WordPress themes comes with so many Advantages.

Even though you have a site with quality content,

It may not rank well enough to be seen by your intended audience.

Especially if you haven’t used an SEO optimized WordPress themes to boost your site’s visibility.

  • What makes a Great Website?
  • Is it the Quality of the Content or the Amount of Revenue that it can Generate?

Well, Neither Actually.

The Most Important Quality of a Web Pages is its Ability to attract Viewers, and Sustaining a large Following.

The Money, Exposure and Advertising will come as a consequence of that Quality.

For the purpose of this Exercise,

Focusing on Content is not very Productive,

Because it is very Subjective.

We have all seen popular formulas fail, and fringe phenomenon rises to the heights of notoriety.

It all depends on the circumstance.

Just do your best and try to be Creative.

If you manage to do that, like-minded People will naturally gravitate towards you.

Well, I have listed here the top best SEO friendly WordPress themes for you.

And If you are using Google AdSense to make money online,

Then you can also check out my Previous Articles about the best Adsense optimized WordPress themes.

Now Let’s continue with SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Flex Mag – Responsive WordPress News Theme

Flex Mag is the perfect combination of power and simplicity in a WordPress News & Magazine theme.

Flex Mag does not require any coding knowledge and gives you the options and flexibility to put together the ultimate news site,

But in a simple, straightforward way that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Flex Mag comes with a custom Fly-Out Navigation, custom scoreboard, auto-load posts, 4 different pre-set skins, 9 different Featured Posts options, 8 different article templates, 700+ Google Fonts, and so much more!

Newsmag – News Magazine Newspaper

Newsmag is a modern WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease.

They offer great support and friendly help!

The Newsmag template is excellent for news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site.

It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system.

It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use.

In addition, News mag supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

Top News – WordPress News & Magazine Theme

Top News is the complete WordPress theme for a news or magazine site with the focus of attracting and keeping visitors on their site.

With a focus on reducing bounce rates, while increasing ad exposure,

This theme will keep your visitors scrolling with more content all while maximizing your ad revenue!

Explicit – High-Performance Review/Magazine Theme

Explicit is WordPress Theme is the First theme that I Used and You really don’t believe It Gives 100% Positive result.

The Theme looks are too great having Fast page load time.

If I recommend you should try like I did.

Max Mag – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

A feature-rich, professional media and magazine theme.

Max Mag is fully-responsive, retina-ready and Compatible with WooCommerce and bbPress.

It also includes a “sticky” menu bar, a slider on each category page, 5 different ad units (including a wallpaper and mobile ad), a drag-and-drop homepage, 16 custom widgets, secondary feature headlines, SEO friendly and so much more!

GoodLife – Responsive Magazine Theme

GoodLife is a powerfully developed and extensively polished, incredibly resourceful,

And nimbly flexible, consistently reliable,

And amazingly fast-loading, technologically top of the line and highly modern, bright,

And energetic, youthful,

And colorful, splendidly mobile friendly,

And extremely responsive WordPress magazine multipurpose website theme.

GoodLife is a wholly creative and fabulously user-friendly WordPress theme designed specifically to meet and exceed the demands of modern magazine websites.

SEO WP: Online Marketing, SEO, Social Media Agency

If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a high degree of flexibility that was specifically created for SEO companies,

Digital Marketing Agencies and social media expert sites look no further than SEO WP.

It includes a limitless number of page designs, plenty of header styles, and a wide range of footer layouts.

It is very intuitive and easy to use, as it was designed for everyone, not just programmers and coders.

The customer is able to personalize the aesthetic of his site in real time, viewing changes as they are implemented.

This live customizer is a huge time saver, and a great tool for creativity.

This theme is considered one of the best products of 2014.

Despite its low price, the developers have included premium plugins such as the live composer page builder, for no additional fee.

Using this tool, you can modify pages in the front end by simply moving things around, and dragging and dropping them.

One of the greatest things about this product is that it never stagnates or becomes outdated.

The developers constantly tweak and improve it, adapting to new challenges as they arise.

Schema – Fastest SEO WordPress Theme

Schema is the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme.

Featuring all the best MyThemeShop features, including our custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design,

Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help search engines your site and rank you higher.

Soledad – Multi-Concept Blog/ Magazine WP Theme

Soledad is an astoundingly modern and cutting edge, visually cohesive and well-integrated, technologically articulate and proficient, graphically nimble and flexible, visually refined and deeply aesthetical, efficiently coded and super lightweight, intuitive and streamlined, simple and highly responsive WordPress multi-concept blog and magazine website theme.

Soledad is a purposefully constructed theme that is intended as a one-stop-shop solution for webmasters of any background and skill level to quickly and effectively design, develop and maintain sophisticated modern websites across a broad spectrum of interests and fields.

Soledad has been built around the WordPress Live Customizer tool, letting you craft your own pages within minutes through a visual process that is both intuitive and easy to master,

While including over 250 options for you to customize every aspect and element of your website with utter speed and simplicity.

Soledad is natively searching engine optimized at the codebase,

Meaning that search engine crawlers will always find your relevant content, keywords, and metadata in the right order and presentation to maximize your impact on the search ranks, netting you a ton of additional traffic in no time at all,

Which is then easily monetized thanks to Soledad’s thorough AdSense integration. Start making a dent, with Soledad!

Tower | Business-Driven Multipurpose WP Theme

If you are a person who appreciates quality, you should consider the Tower.

This impressive WordPress theme can enhance your site, and improve the design of its layout.

For those who are first-time website owners, an online Documentation source was included.

It contains information about every theme feature, and it can act as an installation tutorial.

The support forum can also be consulted if any issues occur.

This forum has many helpful and friendly members and a series of informative topics.

Online page improvement and customization are possible via the Online Template Builder Tool.

This guarantees that customers can design something that matches their vision.

If you are short on time, pre-made content can be your best friend.

This theme has 18 incredible demos.

Every demo can be implemented with ease, thanks to the one-click import function.

From start to finish, site creation can be finalized in a matter of minutes.

In addition, your page layout will be responsive in regard to hand-held devices.

This opens up the market, eliminating resizing issues that would have otherwise ruined your follower’s browsing experience.

If you wish to learn more about Tower and its features, be sure to check out the live theme preview.

Quadrum – Multipurpose News&Magazine Theme

Quadrum is a stupendously technologically competent and marvelously professionally designed, incredibly smooth and fluidly animated, painstakingly developed and carefully composed, graphically adaptable and readily customizable, modern and intuitive, streamlined and lightweight responsive WordPress news and magazine website theme.

Quadrum is a very powerful and highly developed WordPress theme, constructed as a modern, colorful and fresh-faced solution for webmasters to effortlessly and speedily construct their own professional-quality news and magazine websites in a matter of minutes, regardless of their previous coding background or experience.

Quadrum does all the heavy lifting, while you need not worry about anything other than customizing your look and feel and adding your precious, precious content.

Quadrum includes a series of premium plugins at no additional cost, packaged for your convenience and to save you great deals of time while speeding your workflow, including the Visual Composer page builder, the LayerSlider 5 content slider, the WooCommerce eCommerce suite and even the potent bbPress and BuddyPress plugins, which expand the functionalities and possibilities of your website well into the social markets.

With Quadrum’s top-notch SEO coding and technologies, search engines will quickly fall in love with your Quadrum website, propelling it to the top of the ranks in a matter of days.

Let Quadrum take you where you want to go!

Best – Clean & Beautiful Magazine WordPress Theme

This is a nice looking, clean WordPress magazine theme.

Its design is very intuitive and it is capable of leaving your viewers wanting more.

Even though loading times are troublesome with other sites, Best needs only a few seconds to be up and running.

In addition, this speed and fluidity do not apply exclusively to desktop computers, it works just as well for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

This full responsiveness guarantees a broader audience, thus increasing your web site’s traffic.

The developers have included a full demo, and you are able to test it live.

Of course, this service is free of charge, as it aims to convince you that this theme is worth your attention.

An impressive review system was added, along with the equally amazing Mega menu plugin.

The reviews will provide you with valuable user feedback, while the MegaMenu lets you create impressive drop-down lists, filled with menu options.

With the massive amount of content that is included, it is similar to having multiple themes, included in the same package.

There are several styling options, each with its own unique twist.

If you do not like the default sections and categories that are featured on your site, you will always have the options to edit them, either removing or adding any area of your web page.

Although they are the most important factors, your page traffic, and view counts will not generate sufficient revenue, if they are not optimized for AdSense.

In plain terms, a well-optimized page is able to squeeze more money out of their existing views.

Yosemite – A Beautiful Theme Your Users Will Definitely Appreciate

Yosemite is an aesthetically appealing theme that is sure to impress any user and attract plenty of views for your site.

It takes its inspiration from the Mac Yosemite, and it integrates a completely responsive design.

Every single element is well thought out, designed to maximize your chances of reaching online fame.

Are you considering a purchase but you are not sure about its quality?

No problem!

As the developers of Yosemite have added a very useful demo that can help you form an opinion without any financial risk.

The user engagement levels are off charts, as this theme is compatible with WP review Pro, a newsletter plugin and MegaMenu.

It should be mentioned that it is also optimized for AdSense, granting the client a greater degree of readability, and access to some informative page reviews.

The theme’s site also has some screenshots, so feel free to check those out.

Yosemite is very beautiful, even among other well-designed WordPress themes.

It takes a page from the book of Apple’s OSX Yosemite, integrating a clean and polished look that alludes an aura of elegance.

It not only looks pretty, but it is also quite well optimized.

Every element of the user interface is where it needs to be, generating a highly intuitive navigation experience, free of the confusion of getting lost or not knowing what to do next.

These are not just claims, as the developers decided to put their money where their mouth is, and analyze the rate of user engagement.

They found that the responsive and intuitive layout resulted in a very high involvement rate when compared to other competing themes from the same niche.

SociallyViral – Boost Social Shares, Traffic & Revenue

When visiting this theme’s home page, one might be tempted to think that it was hacked, and the price was jokingly replaced with a much lower value.

The sheer amount of content that you can receive for such a reasonable price is astounding.

However, written reviews are somewhat limited.

Thankfully, the developers have included a demo version of their product, allowing customers to sample before deciding to purchase.

SociallyViral is designed to be fast, engaging and to increase the number of views that a site receives.

This is often called “going viral” as the spread of a popular internet item is often similar to that of a virus.

Your goal should be to encourage your users to share your site on their social media circles.

This increase in traffic and popularity will definitely stimulate your rankings in search engines.

This product is compatible with Mega Menu, a feature that allows customers to develop enticing drop-down menus that will stimulate user creativity and interest for your site.

You may also display a featured post in order to attract visitor’s attention, and encourage social media sharing of your content.

This will result in an increased rate of viral traffic for your page.

With the help of the review plugin, you can receive honest, direct feedback from your customer.

If those reviews are positive, other interested clients will be assured of the quality product.

If they are negative, you will get a chance to learn from your mistakes, and build upon pieces of constructive criticism.

NewsTimes – Premium News WordPress Theme

This is a very appealing, pixel-perfect WordPress theme that is aimed at customers that wish to boost their web traffic and increase their view count.

Of course, you can not achieve those goals if your user base is very restricted.

Thankfully, this theme is fully responsive, and your content can be viewed by everyone, including those that are using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

The same goes for web browsers, as NewsTimes works in any circumstance, and is compatible with most popular browsers.

The coding is very solid, as it uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3, making your page viable for a long time.

The range of aesthetic choices is equally impressive, as you may take advantage of the limitless color palette, and customize content to fit your distinct personality.

The developers realize that stagnation is the key to failure, and that is why they continue and support their product with constant updates and tweaks.

There are over 630 Google fonts integrated into this theme, allowing for a mind-boggling degree of typography customization.

NewsTimes also includes a unique custom slider and some very sleek transition effects for your animations.

There are Off-Canvas Mobile Menus, a very useful feature for the screens of mobile devices, where space is a very limited resource.

They will adapt in every situation, adjusting their size and solution in order to conserve power and screen space.

It should also be mentioned that social media icons were included, giving your blog a streamlined aspect that is ready for social media platforms.

MagXP – Ultimate Magazine WordPress Theme

Experience a theme that is considered one of the best SEO optimized products on the market.

It includes several layouts for your site’s home page and an innovative admin panel which presents plenty of options for customization.

You do not have to be an experienced programmer in order to navigate all of the options that are offered.

There are 2 preset configurations for the design, and the user can easily shift between the dark and light variations.

It is rare to find a theme that can seamlessly combine form, flexibility in function in a single package.

The framework is designed to maximize your site’s chances of being successful, and it includes an informative review system.

These reviews are useful because it gives your customers an outlet to express their opinion regarding the product.

In addition, the owner of the site is able to receive useful feedback, adjusting the product or service in order to meet the preference of his customer base.

With the drag and drop page builder, every vision can come true, and it does not demand any coding knowledge.

It seems that user accessibility was important for the makers of MagXP, as they have simplified every feature so that a child can use it.

There are four pagination configurations, along with limitless sidebars and a plethora of options for your sidebars.

The theme is ready for HTML5 and CSS3, and it is optimized for search engines.

The odds of making it on the top of search engine rankings are great.

You are able to target a vast audience thanks to these features, helped by the translation ready coding.

Indeed, regardless of the language, your website content will be converted.

Amax — Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a versatile WordPress theme that boasts an impressive roster of practical features, be sure to check out Amax.

It is intended to accommodate all web pages, regardless of their field of activity.

Amax will include the adaptable Visual Composer plugin, in addition to 15 new content elements that can enhance any user’s browsing experience.

It also features the extension of a few default settings: row fancy edges, colors, animations, row backgrounds, and so on.

The slider choice is great, given that customers can either use the LayerSlider or the Slider Revolution plugins.

It does not matter what you choose, because your site will benefit greatly from either of them.

Amax offers several options for your page titles, such as background color, preset Parallax effects, and images.

Each of these can be modified at will.

The theme offers 3 different layouts for headers, and the choice to apply a transparent or personalized background.

If you wish to learn more about this amazing theme, be sure to view the theme overview video explanation.

Running for only 4 minutes, it will showcase Amax’s most important features.

There are also some beautiful screenshots and a live preview, made available for those who are interested in purchasing one of the best WordPress themes on the market.

eMaxStore – Showcase Your Products Beautifully & Generate More Sales

Unlike other themes on our list, which aim for a more generalized approach, this product tries to facilitate eCommerce sites.

Of course, such a goal cannot be achieved without the integration of the Woocommerce plugin.

Basically, this add-on removes all risk factors and creates a stable and reliable platform that any business can be proud of.

The nature of your site is not important, as long as you want to commercialize a service or product, eMaxStore will be happy to help.

It can boost your overall sales numbers by showcasing products in an attractive way, and it can even support a fully functional blog.

You may even purchase this theme solely for the purpose of boosting your blog, or you may use that blog as a feature for an expansive commercial site.

The versatility is unbelievable, as the targeted site will be able to adjust to every conceivable resolution or device screen.

This will basically guarantee success, as it will broaden your potential user base and grant them more opportunities to shop on the go.

Many people are tired of the old, bland pixelated widgets and icons, which ruin the overall appeal of a page.

Thankfully, eMaxStore has retina ready icons that can scale to any screen, guaranteeing crisp, high definition representations of your content.

It should also be mentioned that Parallax effects were added.

They basically give the impression of 3D effects, on a 2D screen.

It results in a sensation of depth and beauty, encouraging customers to stay and shop on your site.

Converio – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This innovative WordPress theme features handcrafted pages that aim to improve websites from the business sector.

You will benefit from leads pages, landing pages and selling pages, which are included in the basic package.

Every single feature that this product has, is specifically tailored to empower business sites.

The structure of the code is very organized and streamlined, facilitating not only the function of your page but also increase the online exposure of your products.

If you are not experienced with page creation, or you have encountered an issue that hinders the setup process, do not hesitate to contact the developer’s support system, as they are eager to resolve any issue regardless of what it might be.

In addition, from the moment of purchase, the user will be showered in free updates.

This is not a static product, it is an ever-evolving theme that adapts to demands of the free market.

You do not have to start from scratch, as Converio includes plenty of default page configurations.

You will have the Team, About us, FAQ, Testimonials, and Pricing Tables pages to work with.

However, they can act as stand-alone sections, or provide a launching platform for something more.

They can be customized with ease by any user that is willing to spare a few moments of his time.

Everything is SEO optimized, and search results will always feature your page near the top.

On the aesthetic side of things, Converio has 20 distinct and easily modifiable abstract patterns that were added to its basic package.

Magazine News – Motive

Constructed with Theme Sphere, Motive comes equipped with a $28 Page Builder, free of charge.

Be sure to check out the theme page, as the developers have included a live preview and plenty of informative screenshots.

Displaying content on mobile devices is often difficult, due to the difference in screen size and resolution, coupled with a lack of proper support for alternative platforms.

Thankfully, Motive is prepared for anything, as the content featured on your site will be fully responsive, as it can show up on any screen.

The transition between multiple mediums often ruins the viewing experience, because high definition icons often appear blurry and pixelated in certain circumstances.

Motive is retina ready, bypassing that issue and offering clients some crisp, high-resolution icons.

This theme can be used for personal blogs, magazines, newspapers, and even review sites.

At the moment of purchase, customers will receive an outstanding package that is filled with features.

In addition, you can also expect constant updates as the developers seek to squash any bug, and fix all issues.

New features will be added in the process.

With over 4.5k customers, you can be sure that you are not the only one that appreciates the quality of this theme.

With the latest update, the theme is at its 1.2 version, and it includes some very useful social media counter, and some nice new widgets.

You can also enjoy settings for meta posts, and a new widget for posts that also include a numbered list.

Finch – Photography & Magazine WordPress Theme

The whole idea is to give the user a broad toolkit that will allow him/her to customize the layout and content at will, without being limited by the technology of the theme.

With Finch, the only limit is the user’s imagination, so the burden of creating a nice page falls on the user.

You also get to enjoy unlimited color palette 3 distinct types of header, 2 layout selections and 5 different sliders.

The property of being responsive implies a quality that allows a certain website to adapt to any given device, regardless of resolution or the size of its screen.

With Finch, people that use smartphones and tablets will get to access your site, without experiencing any compatibility issues.

It is quite refreshing to see that there are still some developers willing to listen to their customers.

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests from the community, the WooCommerce plugin was included.

With this theme, anyone can establish a valuable online shop, promoting online commerce in a safe and reliable manner.

Armada — Multifunction Photography WordPress Theme

You would have a tough time finding a better way of displaying your work online.

Basically, Armada is a blend of both creative and functional features, ideal for any ambitious entrepreneur that wishes to expand his online footprint.

Using this theme, you can benefit from multiple options for your layout and limitless design.

Only through variety can you achieve a site that feels warmer and more personal.

Before you make the decision to buy it, you can try the live preview of the theme and the screenshots that were made available on the website.

It was created by an elite author and it is very reasonably priced.

There is a multitude of page titles, header options and variations of content interposition.

Only those that truly lack imagination can manage to fail at page creation, given by a massive amount of customization options.

Armada also includes 16 pre-made skins, along with specific titles for pages, projects, posts and so on.

If time is a resource that you cannot spare, the premade content can be a lifesaver, especially when you consider that it can be altered at any time.

This theme is capable of working with all browsers, and it can display high-resolution icons on every screen.

Being fully responsive, Armada will not experience any issue while relaying your website on mobile platforms such as tablets or smartphones.

Regency: A Beautiful & Modern Ecommerce Theme

If you are looking for an impressive eCommerce WordPress theme, look no further than Regency.

It maintains a classy demeanor while sporting a very modern look, worthy of your admiration.

Its most important quality is its ambition: to create viable monetary opportunities via massive web traffic.

Of course, success will ultimately depend on the product or service that is being traded.

However, Regency is packed with features that make that trade easier, streamlining and improving the process.

There is a live preview available on the theme’s page, along with some informative screenshots.

For those in need of guidance or support, the developers have introduced a very helpful system.

Thankfully, their representative is well trained, polite and eager to help you resolve any issue.

They are not limited by schedule, as their service is non stop.

As a customer, you can choose between multiple options for customization, each bringing something unique to the table.

For example, there are 3 distinct styles for the layout: wide, boxed and stretched.

In addition, there are multiple versions of the header, along with color selection options.

But what if you do not have enough time to customize your page, or maybe you do not know where to start?

Regency has 16 multi-concept demos available for you to browse.

Using this demo, you can gain some perspective regarding the overall process, and how to edit your own successful web page.

It should also be mentioned that the theme is translation ready, and your content can be displayed in any language.

North – E-Commerce Theme

Similar to artists, those who work in the eCommerce field are often forced to come up with innovative and creative ways of selling their products.

Of course, your website can provide a commercial portal, but it can also act as a primary means of advertising and marketing.

Given the pivotal role that a well-designed website plays, the need for a proper commercial WordPress theme becomes apparent.

As far as these themes go, North is one of the best, as it is filled with useful features and design options.

It has background customizers that let you change the color of your page without effort.

The account pages are astounding, offering a very impressive experience even for those that are veterans of Themeforest.

Overall, this is a beautifully designed theme that is worthy of your time and attention.

Bivio – Bootstrap 3 App Landing Page WordPress

Built on the Twitter Bootstrap v3 framework, Bivio is an ideal solution for those that are looking to boost their web traffic.

It is best used for landing page websites or the sites of ambitious startup companies.

This theme is packed with useful additions, and it is fully responsive, capable of displaying your content on all devices.

Of course, it is optimized for search engines.

People that are interested in your specific niche will have an easier time finding your page, due to the targeted keywords and well-implemented coding.

It should also be mentioned that an HTML version of Bovio was added, for those that prefer something different.

Route – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This is a very responsive, minimalistic and retina ready theme for WordPress.

The features that were integrated, along with the power user options, result in an almost limitless amount of possibilities for users.

It should be mentioned that despite the reasonable price tag, Route offers a large amount of content.

In addition, the developers have also added expensive premium features, free of charge.

Users can also take advantage of limitless color options, over 600 Google fonts and plenty of shortcodes.

You will have all of the tools required for the creations of a successful online page.

You do not have to be an experienced coder or programmer.

You can simply pick it up and start.

However, if at some point you will experience issues, be sure to consult their informative high definition series of explanatory videos.

MightyMag – Magazine, Shop, Community WP Theme

This is a great WordPress theme for newspaper, blog, magazine, publishing, review or editorial pages.

The theme installation process is not difficult at all, as no advanced coding knowledge is required.

If for some reason you experience any issues, be sure to contact the informative support system.

The eager, highly trained, professional staff awaits your feedback.

Some of the most popular and influential plugins in the WordPress community are available here.

Some prominent examples are bbPress, Woocommerce, and BuddyPress.

On top of all the aesthetic changes that can be made, this is a theme that targets SEO optimization, complemented by a minimalist, sleek design.

It definitely achieves its goals, as users of this theme will definitely score high on search engine rankings.

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