SEMRUSH Review – A Research Competitors Keywords Tool


You will come across a number of reviews on the different SEO tools that are available online.

And the numbers of such SEO tool is no more limited to a few numbers,

There are more than you can imagine.

Here today we are going to talk about SEMrush,

A spying tool that helps you to spy your competitors by finding out what are they ranking against different keywords.

SEMrush is popular for its great usability and merges different possibilities that open up more roads to online business.

So let us dig in, keep reading,

We would be sharing some of the cool ideas to help you in your digital marketing flow.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO tool that is the most common thing in today’s search engine market.

This free and paid search engine marketing tool offers you with important metrics that will help you to set for online marketing tactics.

With the help of this tool,

You will collect a bunch of data about any particular website on the internet and has been around for a period.

Enter the URL of your competitor and you will get great information such as

  • Typical expenditure on the Google Adwords Ads
  • Desirable search volume for their targeted keywords
  • There desirable and preferable search volumes related to the targeted keywords
  • You get to both through your competition’s Pay-Per-Click Advertising Prospects which you have to coldly monitor.
  • Generate Important Backlinks Reports
  • Also allows the complete picture and review of your site’s inbound links

How does SEMrush help?

Well, many consider that PHP is the real shot in the coding family,

Mainly since we can help them to identify the right tools or strategies that will help to let their brand grow.

In affiliate marketing, SEMrush tool takes an immense benefit

  • You acquire the rights by, not producing the comments.
  • The product that has the desired capability to turn as the hot pick for both
  • You will see nothing can be so mesmerizing such as SEMrush
  • You cannot find anything better than SEMrush for online marketers.

SEMrush – Competitor keyword research

This SEO tool is considered by the Gold standards when it comes to keyword research, and there is no such tool that can come close to it.

Many bloggers who have just started their journey might feel clueless,

As they do not know where to begin with the keyword research and what kind of word to target.

Here, the SEMrush comes to the rescue.

With the help of SEMrush,

You can find someone else’s keyword that you might have never thought of.

At the same time,

You will be able to see what works for other people in your niche.

It shows those words that we wanted to try and with SEMrush the truth unfolds.

You simply need to enter the URL for which you need to check the keywords against which they are ranking and that too under the organic search.

Later it becomes easy for you to filter them based on traffic volume and CPC.

Let’s check out quicksprout’s organic traffic:

The Platform for Backlink Analysis

Similar to the keywords, you can steal the competitors’ backlinks as well.

Simply click on the number of backlinks,

SEMrush helps to show the whole bunch of data about the link profile of your competitor.

Later you can sort out different sources to build quality backlinks.

See what I got to quickly drop the URL of Quicksprout on the site:

Helps To Boost Your Organic Rankings

SEMrush does not only make your competition analysis easy but also helps to improve the organic ranks of your website.

It comes with a number of accessories along with the main tool such as position tracking, complete site audit, etc.

You might feel that everything is normal with your site,

But we will advise you to check your site using SEMrush.

We are sure that you will feel shocked at the results in both the cases.

They prepared a complete report just in few minutes and showed all the errors and issues in your blog.

This might include internal broken links, external broken links, and missing alt tag on images, use of no-follow attribute and will show all the errors in your blog/websites as well.

You know very well that Google hates such sites that come with much crawling errors and especially broken links.

This is a major invite for the challenging Google Algorithmic update, Panda.

However, you can save your site if you install the SEO tool SEMrush on time.

This total scan of your website is equivalent to your SEO Audit, which helps you to check the keyword position and boost organic ranking as well.

Why Use SEMrush?

Throughout the blog,

We have reviewed the unique SEO tool that can help you to steer online marketing efforts in the right direction.

However, why will you use it or choose it over other SEO tools?

  • You get a complete collection of tools for competition analysis
  • Track down the high search volume keywords with ease
  • Now it enables the power of spying your competitors’ website to steal their keywords and backlinks
  • Enable the complete SEO Audit of your blog
  • Locate the perfect niche for your blog


SEMrush provides a detailed report of the entire website when you register yourself with their PRO account service.

With SEMrush, you need to clarify when you launch a blog or a website.

If you are planning to do something serious,

Then you will also come across a number of tutorials around SEMrush.

So use the tool today and assess where your website stands among so many online sites of similar niche as of yours.

Get down and test your app today before you launch it.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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