How to Protect AdSense Account From Click Bombing?

How to Protect AdSense Account From Click Bombing

You start a new blog. Post unique content on it regularly.

After a couple of months, you sign up for Google Adsense.

Your request gets rejected with a message “Your site does not comply with Google policies”.

You try again and again,

And finally, you get an AdSense account approval.

You place ads on your website and start earning some dollars.

Suddenly you notice that you are getting invalid clicks from your enemies, friends, and competitors.

After a while, you get a message from Google saying “Your Adsense account is banned for invalid clicks”.


Don’t worry.

You will not face this situation if you follow this article.

We know Google Adsense is the King of All Affiliate Programs that generate genuine money for their Publisher.

But to earning money online through Adsense is not a simple task because of strict Adsense rules,

And many interruptions come which can damage your Google Adsense Account.

Click Bombing is one of that interruption which can stop your earning from Adsense.

In the last few years,

Lots of Google Adsense Account has been banned due to the reason of click bombing or Invalid Clicks.

What is Click Bombing?

Click bombing is simply a harmful activity in which you got too many clicks from some particular IP Addresses on your Google Adsense Ads.

Mostly it does by intentionally to hurt your Adsense Account but very few times it may be unintentionally.

For example, let some people regularly click on similar ads for more than 10 times in just a minute it will know as by click bombing.

Now if you have a low traffic blog,

So, getting your AdSense account banned is simple for these click bombers.

This could happen to anyone,

So, we have to pay attention to our AdSense accounts and check for malicious activities or having too much click.

Many times it was found that competitors or rivals doing this type of malicious activities as because they want you to go down.

As the website grows up bigger and so boost spammers, haters and of course the terrorists of Google Adsense “The Click Bombers“.

The reality is, I panic and I don’t want it to happen to me or with you as well,

That’s why today I am going to share with you my best tips to protect your Google Adsense Account from Click Bombing.

Google Analytics

This is a very significant tool for bloggers,

Via Google analytics you can trace from where your users come & what activity they are doing on web pages.

Use this tool to search the IP address of illegal clickers.

And, block them immediately.

Don’t apply Google Adsense for low traffic blogs

This is one of the best ways to keep away from click bombers.

High traffic blogs usually having huge traffic also click number which makes a lot of money from Google Adsense.

That is why click bombers will not actually affect their Adsense account for the reason that they are used to having tons of clicks.

If your blog or website has low traffic yet it has tons of clicks it could simply get banned.

Report Google Adsense

When you see very strange changes in your Adsense account,

Don’t waste any moment and report this thing to Google Adsense at that very moment.

This is the best method to protect Google Adsense from Click bombing.

Steps to report to Google Adsense:

  • Just fill this form: Report Adsense
  • And report Google about the clicking stats.
  • Google knows that this is very common to happen, so before they ban you forever just report them.

Using WordPress Plugins

The protection of your Adsense is better than going into the trouble of being banned.

So, for protecting your Adsense from any type of invalid activity,

Just use the plugin for WordPress that can help you to limit the number of clicks from a particular IP address.

So some best plugins I explained here which help to protect your Google Adsense Account from Click Bombing.

AdLogger Plugin for WordPress

AdLogger plugin is a unique plugin specially coded to log and block Invalid AdSense clicks.

The plugin doesn’t adapt Advertisement code in any way,

But still, make available plenty of protection for the bloggers or web owner.

The plugin can record clicks of plenty of Ad providers.

The plugin can also be asked to store IP Address, Referrer, and Browser which builds it simple to locate who made the click.

Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin

The Plugin counts all clicks on your Google AdSense Ads.

When the clicks go over a specified number,

The ad will be automatically deactivated or removed from the source code.

The clicking user or bot is blocked on an IP basis for more clicks.

At the same time, the plugin sends you a notification by email which you will have given.

Click here to download this plugin.


Clickbomb-Protect is often known as Google AdSense click bomb defense and protection plug-in.

It is a user-friendly plug-in and very simple to operate.

It responds to any unusual activity on your Adsense ads and to stop click bombing.

It automatically disables the click facility of ads on your web page.

One can set all the facility with how many clicks from the same IP address to permit, periods of banning and much extra Not only this;

Clickbomb-Protect is designed to work with any theme/template.

It can block as well as unblock the IP address which is to be banned or not.

Who Sees Ads

It is an advanced ad management plugin that allows you to decide who will see your ads.

For example, Adsense, depending on user-defined conditions.

You can manage ads in your templates and within posts & pages. Click here to download this plugin.

For example, you could regard as the following criteria:

  • Is the visitor or user a regular reader?
  • Does this visitor or user come from a search engine?
  • Is the visitor presently reading an old post or something fresh?

The plugin allows for simply creating display rules with a very complex user interface.

So this is a WordPress plugin that helps you to protect your AdSense account from Click Bombing.

Now let’s see the next point to protect your Google Adsense account from Click Bombing.

Don’t tell anybody about your ads

I have read a few stories about bloggers who got banned because his sisters or brothers or friends wanted to help them make money from Google AdSense.

But as you know they are actually unaware of AdSense policies and so why they click more on ads due to which “click bombing” happens.

Because of this cause, many bloggers have lost their Google Adsense account.

It may be a lovable thing somebody wanted and trying to help you make money but trust me,

They could do much worse.

So the moral lesson here, don’t tell anybody about your ads.

Regular check-up

Keep an eye on the stats of Google Adsense regularly so that you can catch any invalid clicking going on your account.

This will surely help to protect Google Adsense from Click bombing.

The main cause of these invalid clicks is that,

Some bots are left on your blog for invalid clicks so that your blog can be removed out from the competition.

I hope these tips were helpful to you.

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Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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