How to Prevent Google AdSense Account Get Disabled?

How to Prevent Google AdSense Account Get Disabled

If you got your Google AdSense accounts disabled, you better check out these five key points before applying for a new one.

Google AdSense, one of the dream account, especially to all the blogger around the world.

The reason behind it is that AdSense is the only ad network program through which the blog owners can actually earn some money and fulfill the website expenses.

But no matter how easy it looks in the dream, it is actually much harder to perform it in the real-life scenario.

One of the few reasons behind it is, getting an approved Google AdSense account is not so easy, especially if you are from a third world country.

Google personally doesn’t have any sorts of diversity towards third world countries,

But statistically, the major amount of web spam, AdSense scam, money tree scam and many other sorts of scams originates from these third world countries, especially counties like Pakistan, India, Nigeria, etc.

That is why at the time of accepting AdSense requests, Google AdSense personals look deep into the third world countries’ submission requests rather than the first world and second world countries.

How Google Adsense Work?

If you are thinking why I’m telling you all this stuff, that is because if you wanna save your AdSense account from getting disabled or canceled or rejected,

Then first you have to understand the AdSense ecosystem properly.

Account approval on Google AdSense is not an automated process done by some computer programs,

Besides, every request is manually accepted and rejected by AdSense personal working at Google.

So, if you are thinking that you can actually fool Google’s request acceptation algorithm by doing some black hat stuff then you are very wrong.

Another thing you really need to keep in mind while using the AdSense program is that Google is very strict with the rules and policies of AdSense.

If you break any rule or policy, which you have accepted while requesting for AdSense approval, they will immediately disable your account and all of your earnings will be lost.

There is actually a very important reason why they do that.

But I will discuss it later in this article.

So let’s come to the point now.

Does Google pay my earning on Adsense?

HAHAHA! This is a very common wrong idea people hand regarding the AdSense program.

People think that whatever money they earn on AdSense, it is actually coming from Google’s pocket.

No, my friends, it is not.

AdSense earnings actually come from the ad publishers’ pockets.

When organizations post an ad through Google Adwords,

The amount they mention for CPC is actually get divided into Google’s profit and as well as AdSense user’s earnings.

Now it has been calculated by using many complex mathematical formulas which included many key factors of your site like the number of your daily visitors, your page rank, your website average page views, etc.

In short, if you are a very reputable site which higher page rank and more visitors, you will earn more in AdSense than others.

Even the higher CPC ads are shown most often in reputable sites.

So, now as you have an overall idea about how AdSense works, let’s share the top 5 tips to prevent your account from getting banned or disabled on AdSense.

Please note that AdSense allows only single registration on a single email-id, name and address combination and If you try to use the same name & address again on another account, you will get banned.

Tip 1 – Use unique name & address

This is very important and I know that many people do not know about this.

If you had created an account on AdSense previously and the account gets disabled or banned or canceled,

Don’t try to open up a new account just with a new email id but the same name and address.

Adsense will reject your submission.

The only way to fix this is either you check the Google Adsense disabled account FAQ or post your issue to the dedicated Google Adsense account disabled support forum.

If your submission gets rejected,

Just check the points highlighted by Google on the rejection email and resubmit your request after fixing them.

It might take months to actually update the change on Google’s server, so re-apply after a few months.

Tip 2 – Always follow Google’s rules

As I said earlier, Google is very strict on their Adsense rules, because Adsense is not just a way for you to earning money, besides Adwords is Google’s most primary way to collect revenue.

Adsense and Adwords are interconnected to each other.

Maximum users use Google AdWords just because they knew that their ads gonna appear on millions of websites who use Adsense and they can reach more audiences.

So, if the AdSense users are not following the rules, it will break the trust of the ad publishers and eventually Google will lose its revenue which they never gonna tolerate.

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind while using AdSense on your site to prevent your AdSense account get disabled.

  • Don’t post or host content related to hacking, cracking software, piracy, etc.
  • Always use your 100% original content.
  • Never use pictures copyrighted by others. Only use royalty-free images or create your own image.
  • Never ever click into your own ads or even provoke anyone or anybody to click on your ads. – Google uses a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence program to track user mouse pointer location on the page and using the mouse pointer behavior it decides whether it’s a legit or fake click.
  • Never tell your friends to click on your ads.
  • Don’t use pornographic materials on your site.
  • Don’t use any other ad service on your website while using AdSense
  • Don’t put more than 3 ads on any page.

Update: Now AdSense Allows the unlimited number of ads.

Here are two videos to easily understand some basics of Google Adsense Policies just in few minutes.

Got some basic idea about Google Adsense Policies?

You better see this video too…

Tip 3 – Read the Terms properly before accepting it

This is one of the most important things you must do while applying for the Google Adsense program.

Generally, we all just scroll through the end of all the software licenses or policies or we just click accept it anyway.

But don’t do it with Google Adsense.

Take your time to read the whole Terms and Conditions before accepting it.

After that go to your site and make sure that it complies with every single term written over there.

I can guarantee you that if you follow this process, you will have a 96% chance or accepting your Adsense request on the first chance and if you keep following the rules, it will never ever get disabled.

Tip 4 – Don’t try to use and Adsense money-making shortcuts

There are many websites out there who claim that by working with them you can earn thousands of dollars every month just by sitting in your home.

Never ever trust these scammers, no matter what they say, no matter what medium they used to contact you, whether by email or skype or phone or flyer or whatever.

Always remember one thing, money never grows in the trees, you always have to earn it.

In this world where nobody gives a dollar to anyone without any proper reason will you really think that you can steal money from Google, the IT giant of the earth?

Don’t be foolish and don’t let anyone fool you.

If you find any of your friends are getting into this scam, warn them and help them to get out of it.

The only way to earn good money from Google Adsense is by doing a great job on your niche and keep working on it for years.

Check out what Matt Cutts (Head of Google Webspam Team) says about this:

Tip 5 – Don’t manipulate the Adsense code

In many blackhat forums, people always post some tricks to manipulate the Adsense code provided by Google.

They say that if you manipulate the code a little bit as mentioned in those forums, you will actually earn more.

But take my advice and never do that, because as per Google’s policy manipulating AdSense code is actually an offense and if you do that Google will disable your account forever, so never try this.

Got Account Disabled for Invalid Activity?

Does your Adsense account gets disabled by Adsense Authority?

Now, if you are wondering why did that happen to your account or what you might have done wrong which concludes to account banned.

Well, I have written a post exclusively about How to Stop Disabling AdSense for Invalid Click Activity.

I will highly suggest you give it a read if you are also facing the same problem with Adsense Invalid Click activity policy.

How to Show AdBlocker Alternative Smartly?

If you are using AdBlocker alternative in your website to show alternative content to the users who have enabled Adblock on their browsers, I will suggest you do it smartly.

Because wrong alternative content could DISABLE your AdSense account permanently.

I’ve also written a few exclusive posts about How to Use Adsense Alternative Content Smartly or How to track AdBlock enabled users with Google Analytics.

I hope this will help you to stop getting your AdSense account disabled and to enjoy AdSense monetization.


In the end, I will say that if you really want to use Google Adsense and want to be sure that your account never gets disabled.

Just always follow the rules provided by Google and follow the tips I’ve written above.

  • What do you think, is there anything more which can also disable your AdSense account?
  • Did you ever face any sorts of issues like this in the past?
  • How did you recover from this?

Please share with me in the comment section below.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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