How to Make Money with Fiverr?

How to Make Money with Fiverr

Fiverr is the marketplace to sell products cum services at a price of $5.

People find Fiverr a great place to offer services and earn more than $5 each day.

One can also say that this platform comes as a handy tool in times of recession.

This website does not invite only experts to offer their services but is open to people who are confident that they can deliver a good show to their buyers.

A wide range of categories from simple tips and tricks to programming and advertising are available to make good use of and provide services based on them.

Some of the Fiverr clone websites have been designed in such a way that people can even offer offline jobs like painting, dog walking or babysitting.

One of the most popular services provided among the categories is writing.

You can even find people offering a new type of gig altogether instead of a copy gig.

Here are a few tips on how you can enhance the gig earnings with this popular money maker website.

Need to be a Top Rated Seller

After you have made your first sale, you need to chart out the different things that will help you become a top rated seller.

Being a top rated seller invites new customers and repeat customers to your gig.

A badge indicating a good reputation appears on the profile or on one of the gigs of such a seller.

The different things that make a top seller are

  • Feedback: You need to get positive feedback for almost all your gigs.
  • Customer service: You need to provide good customer service to your buyers. Be polite and respond to all their queries and doubts in a timely manner. Never share your personal email address with the buyers through the Fiverr gig messages. Fiverr website does not encourage this and insists on members contacting their customer service for assistance.
  • Gig Delivery: Always remember to deliver your gig on time. If you think, you haven’t completed the gig due to the time factor or too many offers, suspend your gig for a day or two. This is the best solution in case of delay in delivery and you can avoid negative feedback from the buyers.

Fiverr and GigBucks

You can enhance your gig earning with Fiverr and Gigbucks.

You can sell Fiverr members’ gigs to the buyers in Gigbucks for a profit.

Here’s how you can do it.

If you come across an interesting gig in Fiverr, go to GigBucks and offer the same gig for $10.

When anybody purchases your offer, go to Fiverr and buy the gig from that Fiverr member and deliver to the buyer at GigBucks.

This way you make a profit of $5 on each gig for referring the customer.

After you try this once you will be tempted to do more.

Usage of tags

Using tags for your gigs is essential for visibility and to increase the buyer count.

A great gig goes waste when there are no buyers for it.

People who require services start searching for with keywords related to the service in the Fiverr main page.

The gigs which match the keyword appear and people can select the ones which suit their requirement.

In order to get the most out of your tags, look for the tags of popular gigs and also the tags used by the top seller.

Use the right tags in your gig, get more visitors and earn more money.

Video add-on for your gig

Adding a video to your gig is the next easy and free way to make more money at Fiverr.

The video will act as a supplement to your gig and attract more visitors.

Guest blogging

Promote your gigs by offering a guest post to bloggers in exchange for a link to your gigs.

Keep in mind that your guest post should have valuable content that creates an interest in the mind of the reader.

Social Networking and Blogger

Get more orders for your gigs and promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

Create a fan page for your gigs on Facebook and know how many visited and have become fans of your fan page.

Tweet about your gigs on Twitter and suggest members follow you on Twitter.

When you create a gig, link it your personal blog at Blogger adding a sample of your successful gigs.

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