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How to Make Money with DreamHost Affiliate Program?

How to Make Money with DreamHost Affiliate Program

Nowadays, We all know how famous DreamHost is, It doesn’t matter if talk about its web hosting features and powers or DreamHost affiliate program.

DreamHost always had provided users a quality and good user experience.

Not only Hosting and VPS but DreamHost is also considered as one of the top affiliating company out there online on the web.

Today I am going to show you all how you can earn up to or even more than 2000$ per month with DreamHost and its affiliate program easily.

Join DreamHost Affiliate Program

Firstly Assuming, We are already joined with DreamHost and Signed Up for affiliate program.

If you have not joined it yet then use this link to join DreamHost affiliation now.

Well, there is no need for you to be a Full-Time Member of DreamHost for affiliation service, anyone can join it for free.

Creating Promo Codes For DreamHost Affiliate

This is for what DreamHost is famous for, – promo codes aka coupon codes.

At DreamHost, we can create our own custom coupon codes which can be very helpful for us to earn and users to signup at DreamHost.

DreamHost banned custom coupon codes instead of it, You will have two promo code like $25 OFF and $50 OFF.

It may change again & You can create your own custom code again.

One more thing I forget to tell you, DreamHost affiliate program only pay per sign up and When someone purchases web hosting from your Link.

More the people you bring for sign up there and buy hosting, more chance to earn – sometimes up to 97$ per sign up.

So promo codes are like few letters written by you and When give it to the user it acts as a token which works as per your written method.

This means it will apply a discount of the amount you will specify or the code.

The single coupon code can be used many times but only till it’s banned by DreamHost if goes against the policies.

Follow the simple steps below to create your own coupon code easily:

  • Firstly we are assuming that you are logged in your Affiliate Dashboard. But before creating any coupon code you will have to Change your Plan from 10% Rewards to 97% Reward in order to get the extra commission.
  • For that There you can see an Option at the bottom, Switch to 97% Rewards, You have to simply click on it. Now ready for creating coupons.
  • Below your Reports, Click on Create Your own Promo Codes!
  • After that Enter the Name of the Promo Code – Here you can enter any short form of your site title or anything 5. you want, for example, earlier I had created One Coupon code I used dreamsavings25, although 25 had no sense but still it doesn’t even matters.
  • After this, you can keep the option for Free Domains or Secure IP, but remember it will be deducted from your own Commission so think before you keep these.
  • Now as you are using a 97$ plan, so you can put the Coupon Discount anything from 0$ to even 97$, but I would suggest putting either 40$ or 50$ in discount as its the best preferred and very effective among the users.
  • Hit on Create Promo Coupon.

That is it, You can Now Promote these Coupons easily among the people easily to buy hosting.

A Coupon or Promo code can be distributed in two ways

Adding it to your Referral URL:- Simply add – | PROMO CODE after the Referral URL.

  • Asking the Client to enter it manually.
  • You can make blog posts.
  • You can social refer to friends
  • Put the Links and Banner in sidebars.

How You will be Paid from DreamHost Affiliate?

Although I cannot say about Thresholds,

All the Citizens (non-Indians) can use Paypal or Check for their Payments but for Indians, unfortunately, Check is the only way to get paid.

Why not use complete 97$ for Discount?

It’s up to you, If you will spend your complete 97$ for the Discounts in the Coupon then you will get nothing and also Users also may not get complete 97$ Discount – depending on there Terms & Co.

But If you would create a 50 $ Discount coupon then as a Commission, you would get – 97$ – 50$ = 47$

and also if you get success in making more than 10 or even more than it, you can easily earn 2000$ as a bonus and regular included payment.

So What are you waiting for ?

Go ahead and start making money online with DreamHost Affiliate Program, Do let us know if you created the account in below comments.

Just Wait and Don’t Forget to Share this Article With your Friends.

Have a Nice Time and Good Luck.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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