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12 Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress Website

Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress Website

Displaying ads on your website is a great way to make money online.

And among the various ad platforms,

Google AdSense is the most popular choice.

This excellent, free platform lets you display ads relevant to your website content and earn money when a visitor clicks on an ad.

If you haven’t created an AdSense account for your blog or have not approved Google Adsense account due to many reasons,

Then read my previous article to get Google Adsense approval fast.

Once you have your AdSense account,

The biggest challenge…

  • For a newbie is how to add it, and
  • For the pros is how to place ads at the desired position.

For example, We all know that placing AdSense ads within content gives great CTR, earning and revenue.

Now, there are few AdSense plugins that let you add ads within content.

Do remember, few bloggers don’t prefer placing ads within the content,

As it affects readership.

In today’s post, I will introduce you to some of the best AdSense plugins for WordPress.

Depending upon your need & requirement, pick the right one from the list.

Google AdSense ( Google Publisher )

This is the official AdSense plugin from Google.

The plugin comes with a simple point and clicks ad management system.

It frees you from inserting the ads by generating code snippets and adding them manually.

Once you have installed and verified the website ownership,

The plugin allows you to enable ad services for both mobile and other devices.

Google AdSense plugin will automatically determine the best locations for displaying ads on your website.

If the plugin cannot find appropriate places, you can choose the locations manually.

It is also possible to exclude specific pages from the ads.

The plugin also provides an easy way of using Google Webmaster Tools.

It has few limitations, such as you can’t place text ads, you can’t place AdSense for search.

Advanced Ads

Manage and optimize your ads as easy as creating posts.

Including support for AdSense, ad injection, ad planning, ad widget, and ad rotation.

After publishing many articles about Google Adsense revenue and earning,

I decided to write my own WordPress plugin to manage and optimize ads.

Before that, I used some of the plugins listed below,

But they are either outdated or not meant to really increase your income.

Therefore, I wrote Advanced Ads.

At first, it looks like a normal ad management plugin and would serve you well like one.

Under the hood, the plugin is developed on WordPress standards, allowing developers to customize a lot of things.

There are already a few extensions that I created that show how easy it is to create simple,

But powerful ad boosting methods and use them with Advanced Ads.

Ad Injection

Ad Injection is an excellent WordPress plugin for displaying advertisements from Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank or other ad providers.

You can choose the number of ads depending on the post length.

It is also possible to specify which visitors will see the ads.

Along with the before and after post positions,

You can display ads in random locations and/or sidebars.

As the plugin supports A/B split testing, you can easily find out which variations of the ads are working best for you.

And if you don’t want to irritate your regular visitors,

You can choose to display ads only on old posts or posts of specific tags, categories, authors, etc.


Based on the raw numbers, AdRotate is one of the most popular ad plugins.

I still remember when people first told me about it in a session that I gave on ad optimization more than a year ago.

Having tested this ad plugin for WordPress,

I must admit that people made a good choice when using it.

The free version offers flexible ad management with basic settings.

The interface is simple and almost clean.

Once you have installed the free version from the WordPress repository, you will notice a lot of disabled options.

It seems like 2/3 of the backend content is just a dummy of features from the pro version.

I completely sympathize with a plugin author offering additional paid services.

In this case, however, I think he overdoes it a bit.

There is definitely a benefit in the commercial version like the advanced reporting and planning,

But the great usability from the first glance loses a lot when you are desperately clicking dummy checkboxes.

Easy Plugin for AdSense

Easy Plugin for AdSense lets you add Google AdSense ads in your WordPress website by following a few simple steps.

Besides the regular blog posts,

The plugin can display ads on the front page and other pages of your website.

You can also choose a custom hover effect for the ads.

While it is possible to display multiple ads depending on the post length,

The plugin strictly follows Google’s policy to not show more than three ads on the same page.

You can also use the custom widgets to display ads in the sidebar.

The simple and useful plugin is available in multiple languages.

Google AdSense Plugin by BestWebSoft

Google AdSense by BestWebSoft is another great plugin for adding AdSense ads on your blog.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to provide your AdSense publisher ID to authorize the plugin.

After doing that, you can display ads by choosing the necessary customization options.

The plugin lets you show different types of ads including text, image, text and image ads, link blocks, etc.

For each type of ad, you can choose the format. Available formatting options include Horizontal, Vertical and Square resolutions.

You will also find several positions for displaying the ads.

Lastly, you can choose a default color palette or choose custom colors for the ads.

WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget provides one of the easiest ways to display AdSense or other ads on your website.

Installing and activating the plugin will create several custom widgets on your WordPress website.

To use the widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets from your website dashboard and find out the widgets titled ‘Ad Widget…’.

It is possible to display both text and images of advertisements by using the plugin.

The simple, beginner-friendly plugin lets you display the unlimited number of ads.

However, make sure that you are complying with the policies of the ad providers.

Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager is the plugin of my choice.

It needs some time to understand.

But has the best proportion between complexity in features and usability.

The advert management is flexible and even allowed selling ads directly.

You can also perform simple tests.

Even Google DFP is directly supported.

The latest reviews show two drawbacks in the development: errors are being echoed and the click counting is wrong.

Personally, I don’t care about click counting because this is done by my ad networks.

However, if you sell ads directly with a fixed amount of ads, this feature is critical.

Since this bug has not been fixed for a long period,

I believe that the author doesn’t have enough time to maintain the plugin.

In such cases, you should think about choosing a plugin that comes with a business model than one that is developed for free.

From my experience in ad optimization,

I know how even small technical changes eat up your valuable time.

Still, if you can live with the bugs or are a developer yourself,

SAM is a great plugin and not only when serving AdSense in WordPress.

Ad Inserter

With lots of customization options and 16 different code blocks, Ad Inserter is a simple advertisement plugin for WordPress.

The plugin lets you display the ads in various locations including before and after content, selected paragraph or excerpt, before the title, etc.

You can also use the automatic display option to let the plugin choose the ad locations.

As the plugin also installs a custom plugin, you can easily display your ads in the sidebar too.

Alternatively, you can display ads by using the custom shortcodes or PHP function.

It is possible to customize the ads to display only to the logged in, logged out or all users and users from a specific types of devices.

You can also choose to show the ads in older posts.

Quick AdSense

Based on the reviews and downloads, this WordPress AdSense plugin is slim, simple to use, and comes with an option to experiment with ad placements in posts.

For someone who needs only up to 10 ad codes and doesn’t know how to place shortcodes or functions into template files,

Quick AdSense really seems to be a simple solution that I can recommend.

As major limitations, even for smaller websites,

I would mention that placing ads outside the post content or widgets isn’t supported.

In most cases, publishers also want to use banners outside the main wrapper or in the header.

Still, for beginners, this is everything you might need to get started with Google AdSense in WordPress.

Ads EZ Plugin for Google AdSense

As the name suggests, this plugin is custom created to manage the AdSense ads properly.

With this plugin, you can easily customize the color, size, and placement of the ads right from your WordPress admin interface.

It offers you a user-friendly, fully responsive interface and you will have full control over the placement of the ads on each page or page as per your requirement.

It also offers you a pro version of the plugin with more features and options.

Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin

Google monitors the clicks on its AdSense ads very closely.

If it finds out that the ads are being clicked by crawlers, bots or any other automated process,

You could be temporary or permanently blocked from the ad program.

Therefore, it is very important to monitor the ad clicks on your website.

Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin could be an excellent tool for that purpose.

The plugin will save your ads from suspicious, unwanted clicks.

It will automatically block the visitors who have clicked the ads several times within a short period of time.

The AJAX powered plugin allows you to unblock the IP addresses manually.

They also have a premium version of this plugin, which I haven’t tried.

If you have, do share your opinion about their pro version.

Final Words

Do remember none of these plugins let you add AdSense for search, and you should definitely use it.

Search box powered by AdSense helps your readers to find content from your blog, and you earn a decent income from this extra unit.

You can see the maximum allowed AdSense units here.

My suggestion for you is: Instead of using 2-3 plugins, use one which solves your purpose.

Pick the one which lets you add ads from other ad networks also.

Do let me know which of these plugins you are using?

If you are using any other plugin to add AdSense or other ads on your blog, do share it with us in the comment section.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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