Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Blog

Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Blog

Have you ever thought “Why many Newbie Bloggers are still at the same position from where they had started?”.

Because of these most common Blogging mistakes they had made when Starting a new blog.

Today in this post,

I will help you realize what blogging mistakes a newbie blogger generally makes when launching a new blog.

It might be possible that you had also made the same blogging mistakes,

Due to which you are not earning money.

So let’s start

You Can Never Make The Same Mistake Twice Because Second Time It’s Not The Mistake It’s A Choice.

Do you think Starting a Blog is Easy?

Yes Starting a blog is very easy,

You will be amazed to see the statistics that daily 1000’s of blogs are started and 1000’s of blogs die.

It is because launching a blog is very easy.

But maintaining it is a lot tougher.

And, standing out of your competition is the toughest.

Only the Tough guys who are ready to do Hard Work stand out finally.

As I said earlier,

My major concern is to help you realize those most common mistakes a blogger should avoid when starting a new blog.

Let’s have a look at them.

Sitting All Day Redesigning your Blog

This is one of the most common mistakes any new blogger makes generally.

Even I had also made this mistake in my initial blogging days.

Because we all want our blog to look like ShoutMeLoud, Aha-Now, etc.

But my Friends,

These blogs are standing for a long time.

So, they have many more quality resources as compared to what you have.

It is recommended to have an attractive blog design,

But we should not give major priority to it.

Because Blog Theme/Template is not only the one thing that decides your success or failure.

When I was new to blogging I had spent more than a week to get a perfect theme.

I also wanted to make my blog stand out but in the end,

What I got was failure and Wastage of Time.

If I had invested this precious time in creating content and doing SEO of my blog,

That would have helped my blog to rank higher on Search Engine.

It is not only wastage of our time.

But we also lose some of our readers as well.

Because when they visit they get to see a huge change in the entire look,

But no updates in content,

Due to which they stop visiting your blog and jump to some other blogs.

What to do Now?

So before you start a new blog,

1st start and gather all the necessary things you want to have in your blog design,

It might be your blog templates or plugins.

And, don’t change it for a long time,

To avoid wasting your precious time.

A better way to get a new quality theme is to purchase a new premium blogger template which is already SEO optimized.

If you have some more money then hire a designer, to tweak your theme.

Being Over Ambitious to Get Readership

Being over-ambitious kills your blog instantly.

I know we get excited after creating a new blog.

Sometimes we get over ambitious which leads us to do so take many wrong steps to get readers for our blog.

For Example, you start reading posts like How to Drive 1000-10000+ traffic daily to a new blog.

These posts have nothing new and are only used to get your email subscribed to their newsletter.

I know we want to drive traffic.

Bt getting high traffic to a new blog is not one day-night task,

It takes a lot of hard work and patience.

It is natural that we too want subscribers who come and read our blog daily & to get subscriber what many new bloggers do is:

  • Adding popups email subscription widget.
  • They Place email subscriptions above the post
  • Place email subscription widget in the middle of the post
  • Placing Email Subscription widget at the bottom of the post.

By this, you are forcing your readers to the subscriber.

This is the major common mistake, Why your visitors are not coming back.

What to do Now?

Allow everything naturally,

As I said above getting 1000 to 10000+ readers is not a one day task,

It requires time, patience and hard work.

Only add two subscription widgets on your blog one in the sidebar above the fold and other below the post,

To convert most of the 1st time readers to your daily readers.

Accepting “Content is the King”

We all have come across many articles saying “Content is King”.


I also agree that content is king and we should create quality and unique content only.

But my point is only writing quality content will not bring traffic to your blog, or help you get higher rank in search engines.

There are many other things also at which you have to focus.

Why I am saying Content is not everything?

There are many bloggers who are creating immensely high-quality content,

But this will not get noticed by the millions of readers who are surfing blogs from Search Engines.

As you are in the field of Blogging,

You have to get noticed by others so that they can get to know you and your blog exists.

What to do Now?

To get noticed by readers,

One can do guest blogging which is the best way to do Off-Page SEO of blogs and drive tons of targeted quality traffic.

As well as you can drop comments on CommentLuv enabled blog related to your niche to drive traffic.

I get 10% traffic to my blog is via blog commenting,

So, don’t neglect the power of effective blog commenting.

Over Optimizing New Blog with Ads

This is another most common mistake a new blogger makes,

They put so many advertisements on their blog which looks odd and due to which readers don’t come again.

Why a new blogger do that?

It is because a new blogger wants to earn money as quickly as possible,

Due to which they place so many ads that a 1st-time visitor gets frustrated and leaves the blog suddenly,

Which gives a high bounce rate in return.

What to do Now?

Remember Blogging is not the way to earn money in just a few weeks,

Except, event blogging.

It requires time so keep patients focus on the content of your blog when starting.

Then once you have sufficient content start placing advertisements on your blog.

But don’t over-optimize it with ads, so that readers don’t come back.

So focus on content and the ways to drive continuous traffic to your blog.

Your Thoughts

These are just a few of the common blogging mistakes newbies make,

There are many more blogging mistakes that a new blogger makes when starting a new blog.

If you have any more you can add that in the comment below I would like to update this post in the future as well.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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