Common Blogging Mistakes on Selecting a Blog Topic

Common Blogging Mistakes on Selecting a Blog Topic

Every blog got single or more topics.

If you decided to write about more topics in a single blog,

Then you require additional resources, energy and time.

It’s recommended to stick with a single topic when you and your blog is fresh.

Here, I’m pointing out some mistakes in selecting a blog topic that you must avoid staying on blogging for a long time.

In my opinion,

It’s not advisable to change the topic of your blog frequently,

Which will confuse your readers!

Selecting a topic is a tricky part of creating a blog.

Because you have to stick with the same topic till you quit blogging (hope you will not).

Most of the new webmasters and bloggers fail on this without deciding the correct topic.

Below, I have listed a few mistakes in selecting a blog topic.

Even after creating a new blog,

If you are not comfortable with the selection,

Then this is the time to change.

You are not interested

People select a topic for money when they are not interested.

Some keywords available with a high payout,

So, they start to write about it for money.

One day you will struggle,

If you are in this category.

For how long you can write when you don’t have interest?

Users are not interested

OK, you selected an interesting topic and want to write about it.

But what is the use if others are not interested?

We create blogs and websites for visitors.

If you decided to write about your village,

Then think,

  • Who cares about your village?
  • Who wants to search for your village on Google?

So, consider the user’s demand for a topic.

Already covered in many Websites and Blogs

Now, you found a topic with the above two conditions.

But if the same topic is already covered in most of the famous blogs,

Then it will be a difficult task to overtake them.

Make sure your it is unique and less covered in other blogs.

This factor will help to get more search engine traffic and blog referrals.

Don’t select a topic which is already covered on the internet.

Writing About All

Don’t think to write about all topics on a blog.

It’s impossible as a single person.

You can’t cover them all.

Finally, your visitors will be unhappy.

When you have a blog about Windows Vista,

It’s OK to write about Windows 7,

But do not write about gardening.

Less paying keywords

I said don’t select for money,

But you have to consider this too.

Most of us create websites and blogs to earn money.

After you selected a nice topic as per earlier points,

Still, if your blog is not making any money,

Then it can be a problem with the topic again.

Your topic must have some high paying AdSense keywords, good products to sell, affiliate and advertisements.


Selecting a topic which is targeting specific people or areas may cause problems later.

The Internet is everywhere.

Here are so many services available on the internet to translate a blog,

So, don’t worry about language or region.

In the long term plan,

Your blog should cover everyone in the world.

Google or Facebook is not created for Americans only,


The above mistakes on selecting blog topic are worth to avoid and correct.

Share your thoughts and experience on this subject.

Let’s make sure ‘future bloggers’ don’t do these mistakes.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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