Blog Post Ideas For Newbie Bloggers in Blogging

Blog Post Ideas For Newbie Bloggers in Blogging

This is a digital era as well as competitive too.

There is no single type of promotion strategies in the market.

Now to promote your product you just can’t rely on the local newspapers or the classified hoarding on the side of highways or the top of the building.

In this digital world,

It is necessary for a product that its digital approach hits the targeted audience.

As I mentioned that this is a digital era means that the young generation around the globe is directly taking knowledge from the internet.

They go to school but also they learn practical tricks from YouTube.

They do not only believe in the books,

But they also want to do practically.

Hence the internet is the best source for them.

This condition is beneficial for the marketing persons or for the owner of a product who wants his/her product would have a global reach.

Now in the next few paragraphs,

I will tell you the 15 blog post ideas for promoting your product and earn money by selling it across the globe.

For this, you first need to understand the concept of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which marketers do the marketing of a product by using some useful techniques.

It is very necessary to promote the product digitally.

For a person who is not familiar with these terms,

It is tough to understand the marketing level of the internet.

This post consists of various blog post ideas of promotion of product will surely help them publicize their products.

I can bet that your product growth will take a hike by using these blog post ideas.

Promotions are very much required for the product whether it is a pen of 10 rupees, or it is a 1000 rupees jeans.

The promoting approach directly hit the audience’s mind.

Whenever a person likes an advertising campaign,

Then he always wants to try that product, and there is nothing wrong with this.

Because it is a human tendency to go with the light.

Apart from all things,

I want to say that these techniques in the way of blog post ideas which will be shared here can help peoples.

These blog post ideas can help them to promote their product digitally on the internet.

So here are 15 blog post ideas to promote a product and by using them you will be able to increase the sales of your product.

Affiliate Programs Of Your Product Through Blog Post

Affiliate programs mean that any person whose reach on the internet is better than yours and he/his promoting your product on their blog or websites.

If I ask the professional bloggers that,

How would they earn then their answer will be those affiliated products?

Suppose that you had a product that is related to the cricket such as gloves or cricket bat,

Then you can publicize it on the blogs or website which had written content about the cricket.

The term I use cricket accessories is merely an example.

You can relate your product with this example.

Because a true cricket follower or a faithful follower of that blog will always saw the content,

Whenever he saw your cricket accessories advertisements on that page.

It will be beneficial for your product.

For this, you have to pay the little amount to the blogger on your conditions,

Such as for every purchase of your product through his blog or every click on your product.

There are too many websites who are providing these kinds of facilities to product owners.

Rather than this,

You can also directly contact a blogger or a website owner to give your product advertisement on their web page.

If you want to earn money by this,

It’s one of the best blog post ideas for you.

You can go with this term by promoting someone else product on your blog post.

Hence, you will be able to make money.

Review Post

When we talk over the most trending blog post ideas, a review post seems favorite of all.

It’s a post in which the review of your product is described by the industry experts or the peoples who already using your product.

It is quite a simple phenomenon;

A human being always waits for reviews of a new product.

For example, we go to watch movies after expert reviews about the movie.

In the same way, what you need to do is,

Give your product samples to the industry experts and then publish their reviews as blog posts.

If it is not possible for you to go with industry experts,

Then you can choose the option of your audience.

You can ask them for their thoughts about the product, how was their experience to use this product and you will find good content for your post.

Use more than three or four people’s reviews in a post without adding any fancy things to their thoughts.

Ordinary citizens’ view hit more to the citizens, and experts view hit to the high-class society.

If it is possible for you, then always try to make a blog post by balancing these two types of peoples.

Press Publicity Or Wikipedia Connection

Listing of your store on Wikipedia is an excellent option for your product advertisement.

However, listing your product in Wikipedia is not an easy task.

You have to work hard for this.

Because Wikipedia will not accept any content whose correlation link is not provided.

Hence, for this purpose,

You have to do such things as a press release.

Here press release doesn’t mean with the media release;

Here this term means that,

You provide your product information on such kind of websites that provide the press release facilities,

And, some of them are free (you can use them without any cost).

A press release counts under the best blog post ideas that can help your product to increase visibility among the people.

Once your product is listed with these sites,

You can quickly generate the Wikipedia page of your product or your store.

Once you have a Wikipedia,

The probability of the visibility of your product will increase up to several times than the previous one.

Many marketers have included it in their best blog post ideas.

You can also try it for your product.

The Resource Page

A resource page of the product will always increase reliability in the mind of the targeted audience.

If you have such kind of page on the internet,

Then the direct message goes to the customer is that the product is not fake.

Always create a resource page in a way that peoples can talk about it,

Whenever somebody has an issue with your product the resource page will increase their faith in the product.

Give simple information regarding your product with some real technical words is enough to create a good resource page.

Also, connect this page with your blog or your social media page so that no one always needs to visit the official website of that product.

I get lots of blog post ideas for generating trust in the user’s mind,

But this one always great to go.

Comparison Post

A conventional idea that can improve the economic health of a product owner.

This one also comes in the bucket of best blog post ideas.

Such posts consist of the information of your product as well as your rival product in a comparable way.

This will do two things;

First, if your product is better than your rivals then people easily go with your product.

Hence, the sales of your product will increase.

Moreover, your post will also act as the negative promotion of your rival product.

For example, while you are looking for a vehicle insurance policy then you go with the best policy provider by comparing it with others.

Not only you,

But even every human being also wants to go with the best,

And obviously, when you are paying for something then you want the quality product.

Hence, what you need to do is just create a simple blog post in which you have to show the quality of your product compared to the other product.

This is one of my favorite blog post ideas that I use to highlight the USP of any product.

List Type Post

Do you always think of simple blog post ideas to promote products in bulk,

Then list post type is best suited for you.

From a user’s point of view,

It is always good if you provide quality products in a list.

If you have more than one product for the audience,

Then you need to go with the list of different products.

The thing which acts behind this is that you need to be safe from the clumsiness on your blog post.

It is not helpful for your product if you will provide all the info in a single line.

Try to make this post in such a way that it looks attractive and useful.

A thing which looks beautiful will attract more people at a time.

List type posts will provide you the chance to make a product description in the right way.

Hence, use these types of blog post ideas for your product advertisements.

Tutorial Post Or How To Use The Product Post

suppose that you had a new product in the market by which people have not related them easily,

Then such kind of blog post ideas will surely help to advertise your product and earn money.

What you need to do is,

Just give the idea to the peoples how to use this product either by written posts or by video tutorials.

It is better if you provide them video tutorials.

Because as I already said that people learn more by practical and visible things.

A child can better understand an apple when you gave him an apple and said that this is an apple.

A picture of an apple will take place in the mind of the child, and he will never forget this image in the entire of his life.

So a video or a pictorial view of your product or we can say how to Guides of the product can help the people to learn about it.

And if they like it, they will buy your product in the next moment.

If they don’t instead, it’s a good marketing strategy for your product.

If you frequently work on such blog post ideas,

It creates a positive environment for your product.

Alternative Post

It’s one of the untapped blog post ideas that can be used to provide the information about the alternative products for the same categories.

If the alternative product also belongs to your store,

Then you can praise it,

But if it is from your rival store,

Then it is up to you whether to praise or not.

A product’s alternative is always a product.

But with some bad or some good qualities.

Choose a single one and define that your product has an option in the market.

But that had too much price, or they are not good in the quality of your product.

The blog post idea can help you,

Because when people come to know that the alternative of your product is not okay or not present in the market,

They had no choice to buy your product only.

Revenue Share Post Or Coupon Code Post

let’s be honest guys what you are looking for before buying a product, isn’t it the discount percentage on the product.

Yes, you understand it right.

This is a natural human behavior that whenever we go shopping, we are looking for the maximum discount.

This behavior of humans can be useful for persons who want to publicize his/her product through the blog post.

It’s a part of aggressive blog post ideas.

What you need to do is,

Just create a blog post regarding the coupon codes on that product or revenue share post.

Whenever a consumer goes for online shopping,

He should try to search for the discount coupon for that product.

Hence, this blog post will increase the visibility changes to the product as well as the blog.

Even if you are providing a nominal discount,

no issues your blog post will create at least traffic to your post.

The chances are increasing that anyone can buy your product, and you can make money through it.

Add On Feature Blog Post

I just found it from the house of secret blog post ideas.

You need to post a blog whenever you have a new product launch of your store or whenever you had the updates in the previous products.

The big software companies use this kind of strategies to bring new updates in front of the customers.

And, believe me, there is no copyright of this plan so why not use this.

A blog post regarding the updates in your product can help you to make your product more people friendly.

Whenever they saw some add-on feature,

They can buy your product.

And, maybe possible that,

They are looking forward to the feature which you recently added to the product.

A Guest Blog Post to another Website

Some people say that these kinds of blog post ideas aren’t useful for product marketing.

I would say just the opposite of it.

When people see that you have good relationships with the website (the other one in which you do a guest post),

Then the direct message goes to them is that our product reputation is also good.

Suppose that you find the Samsung mobile advertisement on the blog post of iPhone,

Then what will strike in your mind is,

How good the promotional strategy is following by the Samsung Company.

In the same way,

Just write a guest post.

And, if you do not want to publicize your product directly,

Then do it in an indirect way.

I want to say that use backlinks to the product in that post so that people can find it via a link.

Such blog post ideas are also used by smart marketers to increase the credibility of their products in front of the customers.

Monthly Income Report Blog Post

this can be a good blog post idea to increase the sales of your product, and it can be a good marketing strategy for your product.

How can you find about the growth of a product?

The answer is that by seeing its sales graph or its profit.

Hence, when you provide the detail of your income earned through a product within a blog post,

Then its appeal hit the mind of users.

They evidently think that this is a good product.

It has an increasing graph of sales.

Question Answer Post

Just by your previous knowledge or on the feedback of your customers you can create a blog post namely question answer post.

There are very few marketers who can even think of such blog post ideas.

You can use it to market your product.

Just suppose from the customer point of view,

When a customer had any query regarding the product, what he will do is,

He try to connect with the company by email, comments or any other way.

After having a good answer, s/he feels satisfied, and this is all a vendor wants.

If you can do that, then your sales graph will increase automatically.

A Blog Post Regarding The Contest

What will attract more to people is a challenge or contest.

When they are able to know that by winning this contest we can earn some goodies,

Then they will sure play the contest.

Hence, what you need to do is just create a blog post in which you declare a contest for the users.

Hence by this blog post idea,

You can know that how much is the buzz in the market about your product.

Hence, you can find the originality of your product, if your product has no significance buzz in the market,

Then you can try another idea for the marketing of the product.

It is always good to know the reality of your product because this is a thing which can motivate you to do best.

Simply the meaning is that, go and create a contest blog post for the product.

Social Networks with Blog

The social network is a part of the life of the young generation,

So you can’t ignore the power of social media.

I think that every person who is a seller should have their active social media pages of the product.

According to a research an average teenager spends their 2.5 hours daily on Facebook in India.

This is almost the same as the other countries too.

You can think that when these social media giants (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) had their portion of product sales.

So, how good is that option to promote the product and earn money.

You can easily find the Pinterest buyable pins, Facebook shop section or twitter buy button on their web pages.

You can easily use these options with your blog.

It comes into the amazing blog post ideas that encourage using your creativity in such a way that it can relate easily with these pages.

Always create a blog post with social media pages integration.

So, if any person wants to share your product can easily share on social media.

Last few words to say – at the end of this blog post I just want to say that use these blog post ideas.

They will help you to make a real buzz in the market for your product.

These blog post ideas are working for many big marketers,

So, they should also work for you too.

So, what are you waiting for, go and make use of this post?

If you had any other blog post ideas that you want to add in these blog post ideas, then please let me know.

As you all know that sharing is caring,

So, share this post with your friends so that anyone can find these beneficial blog post ideas to promote the product and generate huge income.

Written by Vishal Rana

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of 'PresentBlogging'. Grey Hat Hacker, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Researcher, Programmer, Developer, Social Engineer, Penetration Tester, Professional Blogger and SEO expert.


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